What To Look For When Buying A Digital Piano, Atlanta

Music is the epitome of human civilization.  No greater medium of communication affects the digital pianopsyche quite like it.  There is no greater feeling of fulfillment than being able to play a moving musical piece on the piano and knowing all the practice and dedication it took.  I myself want to be able to move people’s emotions with the beautiful music of piano, and the digital piano has revolutionized the world of piano music in that they can produce a whole myriad of beautiful musical pieces with various sounds and tones such as that of a harpsichord or a pipe organ.  Although the pricing and the weight are a couple of factors, before I purchase my Digital Piano Atlanta there are a few other things I must check out first before taking it home.

What five things should I look for in a good digital piano?

One of the first things to check for in a digital piano is the comfort of playing it.  How does it feel?  Does the piano have the standard hammer-action weighted keys?  When I play an acoustic piano there is a resistance when I push the keys down because of the mechanics inside the instrument.  Having a hammer-action means the keys are not simply weighted but they also have a realistic feel to them.

The purpose of any piano is to play beautiful moving musical pieces which means the quality of sound in a digital piano must be taken into account, and therefore the sample rate must be my next consideration.  The sample rate is the information contained in the sound to make it sound more along the lines of a real piano.  As that is the case the best kind of digital piano sound to look for is either stereo sample sound or multi-level sample sound.

If I live in an apartment community that means my practicing space is extremely limited, and certain neighbors might not appreciate my practicing my piano all hours of the night.  Therefore one of the benefits of a Digital Piano Atlanta and an essential feature is that it has headphone jacks.  Headphone jacks enable me to keep the peace in the community while not sacrificing my practice time.  Headphone jacks also allow me to listen to the quality of the piece I am practicing without all the distractions of background noise.  Many brands of digital pianos have two headphone jacks so I can either play a duet with someone or I can listen in as my kids practice for their next big music recital.digital piano atlanta

Another point to consider when shopping for a Digital Piano Atlanta is the number of keys.  Unlike standard acoustic pianos digital pianos can vary on the number of keys their piano keyboard has.  Real acoustic piano keyboards – that is full piano keyboards – have a total of eighty-eight keys.  However, those first learning to play the piano use less than seventy-six keys.  Many good piano players never use more than seventy-six.

One thing beginning piano players can be fascinated with are those three piano pedals on the standard acoustic and how they can affect the sound.  Some advanced musical pieces may require all three pedals, and although all three are available for digital pianos all three of them are not necessary to producing beautiful music.  All that is really needed – and the one that is used the most – is the sustain pedal.

A digital piano is a thing of beauty, but it is the mechanics and quality of sound that give it the intrinsic value of bringing joy into my home. 


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