10 Misconceptions About Digital Pianos?


When you decide to purchase a digital piano, I would advise that you conduct as much research as possible about the unit that you are interested in buying. Trust me, you do not want to purchase the first digital piano that you come across, as there are many models out there. In addition, you need to learn about the misconceptions of digital pianos that numerous people have heard of in the past. The following 10 mistaken beliefs about this piano type may help you make a much better purchase:

1) It is Very Expensive – A majority of people assume that a digital piano is expensive. It all depends on a number of things. If you want a high quality unit, then it may cost you more than just a few hundred dollars.

2) Digital Pianos are Heavy – Digital pianos are not as heavy as most people think they are. They are portable, thus they are made to be light and easy to carry around.

3) It is Not Easy to Operate a Digital Piano – Anyone can operate or play a digital piano. It is created to make learning and practicing easy.

4) Limited Models – This is not true! Digital pianos come in several different models. In fact, Yamaha has over 20 models, and other brands are producing more models every year. Therefore, you have plenty to go through.

5) It Takes up a Lot of Space – Digital pianos are normally the size of upright pianos. You can easily allocate a small space for your new digital piano in your apartment.

6) Digital Pianos are High Maintenance Instruments – It does not take a lot to maintain digital pianos. Unlike conventional pianos, digital pianos do not need tuning every year.

7) No Upgrades – You can upgrade to a better model even if thsmall-digital-pianoe digital piano has been in your possession for more than three years.

8) No Warranty – Every type of piano has a warranty card and as with any acoustic pianos, digital pianos come with three to five-year warranty. Depending on where you buy the digital piano, you may obtain a longer period of warranty.

9) No Testing – Piano dealers do allow you to test all their digital pianos that are on sale. It is imperative that you test all the best models before you buy one.

10) Acoustic Pianos are Better – Truthfully, it all depends on what you want out of your piano experience. If you want to create music with unlimited voices, then a digital piano is the best choice!

Do you own a digital piano and what has your experience been like?  

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