Meet The Staff Who Wants To Help Your Piano Purchase

Buying a perfect piano may not be as easy as we think it is. Believe me; I for one didn’t ever think that it could be easier than I thought it could be until I decided to meet the staff of Cooper Piano. At first, I was hesitant to meet them because they might have … Continued

Cooper Music, Helping You Learn To Play The Piano

Learning to play a piano can be an intimidating experience for most people. People adore the music emitting from this musical instrument and it can certainly set the mood for tranquility and relaxation. While it may be daunting to play the piano, for some people it is easy and not at all difficult to learn. … Continued

Cooper Piano: Offering Great Pianos With Great Customer Service

Customer service is a fundamental part of my company and at Cooper Music; it is certainly not seen as an extension of our business. Before I started the company, I told myself that it was important to integrate great pianos with great customer service. Without the best products and services, I did not think a … Continued

A Look Inside The History Of Cooper Music – II

Just as with any business, there is a history. Where it all started, how it started and how it became who they are today. Long before the first "Welcome to Cooper Music" ever chimed the ears of a piano buyer, the history of the Cooper Family began. For the next few months, I will share … Continued

Vertical Pianos And Room Placement

The choices can baffle almost anyone when it comes to the proper placement of a piano in a room. Acoustics, hot and cold air vents, windows, and walls are just a few of the things to be taken into consideration when deciding on that perfect spot for vertical pianos.

Why Piano Showroom Acoustics Are Important During Purchase

Regardless of what type of piano you are interested in, the primary reason for purchasing a new instrument is for the love of music and the beauty that it can bring to our lives. The sounds that we are able to create from a piano become a magical experience and a precious moment in time… … Continued

Looking For Piano Movers? We Can Help!

I have been exceedingly lucky in that I have always had a piano in my life. When I started taking lessons, I played on my mother’s wonderful, polished black baby grand piano. When I became old enough to move out, one of the first purchases I made was a piano of my very own. It … Continued

Cooper Music Made History With The Sousa Band

In 1920’s one of the best known Victor Red Seal Record’s celebrities was John Phillip Sousa. Cooper Music Minstrals had been able to sell out several concerts to raise money selling Liberty Bonds during the "War to End All Wars", John Cooper was sure he could do it again, with Sousa’s Marine Band.