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I have been exceedingly lucky in that I have always had a piano in my life. When I started Piano Moverstaking lessons, I played on my mother’s wonderful, polished black baby grand piano. When I became old enough to move out, one of the first purchases I made was a piano of my very own. It is my prized possession, and when I decided to move, I was very anxious about choosing the right piano movers.

After all, if I chose a mediocre or untrustworthy company, there was a chance my piano could be damaged or destroyed altogether. I couldn’t bear that thought, so I did some research to find the movers that were right for me. I eventually chose Cooper Piano as my movers for the following reasons.

Proven Reliability

With something as important as my piano, I wasn’t about to take a risk with a company that hadn’t proven itself reliable in the field. I was confident Cooper could do the job well because they’ve been in the piano business for over one hundred years. That was a major draw for me.

Moving Methods

Part of what sold me on this particular company were their moving methods. I was ensured that my piano would be completely and thoroughly wrapped in thick and protective blankets throughout the moving process. I was also told the piano would rest on its side on a piano board, which I knew to be a safe way to transport the item.


I had a very busy schedule and a small window of time in which to complete my move. That made it somewhat stressful, but I was very impressed with how flexible Cooper Piano proved to be. For both pickup and drop-off, they completely accommodated my schedule and were able to work around the small windows of time when I was free.

Employees Know Pianos

My piano has a lot of sentimental value as well as fiscal value, and I would bet that’s true for many piano owners. That was why I was so impressed with Cooper Piano. Their employees actually know pianos. They know how to handle them, and they know what they can withstand. That made me feel good, because no amount of financial reimbursement could have remedied the loss of my piano, which I’ve had for years.

Fully Insured and Licensed

Another major draw of Cooper Piano was that the company was fully insured and licensed. This is not the case with all piano movers. If something had gone terribly wrong, it was nice to know I would be in no way financially liable. This assurance was reinforced by the company’s active license.

Additional Storage

Because there was a small lag between when I left one home and moved into the next, I was also looking for piano movers who could offer temporary piano storage. Even though I only used this service for a few days, Cooper Piano offered amazing peace of mind. I knew my baby grand was not only in a climate-controlled environment, but it was also in the care of people who knew how to treat pianos wepiano moversll.

Competitive Prices

My main concern was safely transporting my piano to the new house, but once I was confident in my narrowed down list of companies, I was able to consider price. For the service rendered, I was impressed with Cooper Piano’s prices. I felt it was a reasonable fee for the care the movers took with my piano.

In the end, all my research paid off. There were no issues whatsoever with my choice of piano movers. Everything made it to the new home safe and sound, as I was confident it would.

I know not everyone has been so lucky, though. Have you had a particularly good or bad experience with piano movers? Let everyone know who they should give their business to and who they should avoid!  




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