Cooper Piano: Offering Great Pianos With Great Customer Service

Customer service is a fundamental part of my company and at Cooper Music; it is certainly notgrand pianos seen as an extension of our business. Before I started the company, I told myself that it was important to integrate great pianos with great customer service. Without the best products and services, I did not think a business could ever exist.

As a result, Cooper Piano offers you the chance to buy the best pianos on the market. My colleagues and I believe that when we satisfy our clients, they are able to help us to continue giving our best and at the same time, to recommend us to their friends.

Types of Pianos

Pianos come in two types and they are vertical and horizontal. The vertical type is named as such because of the height and position of its strings. Vertical pianos stand at 36 inches to 60 inches. The horizontal pianos are the grand pianos. They are called horizontal due to their placement and length of strings. Grand pianos are known for their finer tones and they consist of the best key response.

Vertical Pianos

Whether you are searching for pianos on the Internet or at any local musical instrument stores, you can find various types of vertical pianos such as:

– Spinet

It is known as the smallest piano of all the vertical pianos. A Spinet is ideal for people who live in small spaces such as apartments or condominiums. As a result of its construction and size, a spinet is deemed as a musical instrument that has less power and accuracy.

– Console

Slightly larger than the spinet, a console is measured at 40 to 43 inches in height and is 58 vertical pianoinches wide. Cooper Piano has a wide range of console pianos and it is the best piano to have if you are very particular about matching your living room or other rooms with furniture or other ornaments. It is the perfect choice, not only because of the variety of finishes, but also due to its ability to produce enhanced and remarkable tones.

– Studio

This piano can be found in almost all music schools and studios. It emits dynamic tonal quality and it is very sturdy, because of its larger soundboard and longer strings.

– Upright

The Upright is the tallest vertical piano and it has been very popular for many centuries. If you take good care of it, it will be able to maintain its rich tone and can last you a lifetime.

Horizontal Pianos

Below are the types of horizontal pianos that you can find at Cooper Piano:

– Petite

Although it is the smallest grand piano, it is able to produce powerful tones and sounds.

– Baby

Due to its sound quality and aesthetic value, it is one of the most sought-after grand pianos. In addition, it is also the most affordable in this particular category.

– Medium

Slightly bigger than the baby grand, it is very popular amongst celebrities and musicians.

– Parlorcooper piano

Stands at 5’9” to 6’1”, it is known as the “living room grand piano” by many pianists. The sound that it produces is unbelievable.

– Semi-concert

Semi-concert grand pianos are known as some of the best musical instruments ever created.

– Concert

The biggest grand piano stands at 9’ and it is normally used in concerts all over the world.    

What You can Find at Cooper Music

Aside from the great customer service, my company offers a wide range of pianos. Whether it is a grand piano or an upright, you will find them in various styles and sizes. Children or even adults who want to learn how to play can sign up for our piano lessons and the schedules on offer are relatively flexible too. Normally, my colleagues and I will inform our clients about the many types of pianos that are available in our store.  






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