Vertical Pianos And Room Placement

vertical pianosThe choices can baffle almost anyone when it comes to the proper placement of a piano in a room. Acoustics, hot and cold air vents, windows, and walls are just a few of the things to be taken into consideration when deciding on that perfect spot for vertical pianos.

Wood is a large portion of what any piano is made of and proper placement can make or break the sound and overall life of the piano. With the advancement in energy efficient homes it has become easier to attain a certain common temperature for any room, but there are still measures that can be taken to get the best sound from vertical pianos while maintaining the integrity of the piano itself.

Placing vertical pianos in front of or too close to a window is generally a bad idea. Humidity, moisture, and sunlight can ruin not only the finish of the piano, but will also affect the sound over time. Vents can also wreak havoc on the piano and should be avoided at all costs.

The surroundings in the room where the piano will be placed will add a significant charm to the sound quality. Rich tones can be attained by using a room with lower ceilings with wall hangings and thick carpet can add an abundance of sound to vertical pianos when placed in the proper room. Placing the piano up against two walls can cause an immensely superb depth of tone and can give an extra boost of sound that would not be achieved with placing the back up against just one wall.

What else can be done to make vertical pianos brighten a room with sound?cooper piano
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