Are You Ready to Rumble? Yamaha Clavinova vs. Casio Celviano.

Yamaha and Casio have a wide variety of digital pianos and almost all of them are top of their market. If you are considering a digital piano for your home, I advise that you test both brands and their best series. Yamaha’s Clavinova and Casio’s Celviano are normally the models I recommend to my customers. … Continued

The 5 Best Digital Pianos For Children

Your child decides to play the piano and thus, you enroll her in a piano school. You hear that it is best to let your child start with a digital piano. Therefore, you shop around and yet, you find it difficult to buy one that suits your daughter. You will find the following, which are … Continued

Digital Pianos – Which Brand To Buy?

Digital pianos are becoming an increasingly popular option for musicians of all ages who want access to a piano, but currently lack the time, location, or income needed to own and maintain a true piano. While technically digital synthesizers, digital pianos have become extremely good in recent years, to the point that the best models … Continued

It Pays To Like Cooper Piano On Facebook

OK, so at this point, you might be tired of every company on Earth begging you to “Like” them on Facebook. We know it’s getting annoying, and that’s why here at Cooper Piano we want to give you real reasons for following us on Facebook, rather than just nagging you. Just ask Mike Whitmore, who … Continued

Acoustic Digital Piano Buyer And Research

With the advent of high-quality electronic instruments, an interesting question has arisen for potential piano-buyers: whether to get an acoustic piano, or a digital piano. While purists often look doubtfully upon digital pianos, in reality, these are two substantially different products with different features and abilities. Which you want depends more on what you want … Continued

Celviano Is A Digital Piano

For several generations, Casio has been a trusted name in electronics. Founded in Tokyo in 1946, this company has developed everything from calculators and watches to mobile phones, cameras and, of course, musical instruments. Any musician who has ever dabbled in electronic music has most certainly, at one time or another, used a Casio instrument. … Continued

Celviano – Digital Piano By Casio

In a world gone digital it seems like everywhere you turn it’s “out with the old and in with the new”. Change is a good thing, but sometimes it can be hard to let go of the past. With the Celviano digital piano by Casio, you can have the best of both worlds. This digital … Continued