The 5 Best Digital Pianos For Children

Your child decides to play the piano and thus, you enroll her in a piano school. You hear that it is best to let your child start with a digital piano. Therefore, you shop around and yet, you find it difficult to buy one that suits your daughter. You will find the following, which are five of the best digital pianos that are most suitable for children, very useful:

Yamaha DGX 230 AD 76-Key Portable Digital Pianodigital piano lessons

This is a great alternative when you are searching for a piano to purchase. This particular digital piano offers a large variety of features for a unit that is portable and user-friendly. The sound is of high quality, reminding me of grand acoustic piano sounds. The numerous functions and voices will definitely keep your child playing for hours on end. For beginners, the Yamaha DGX 230 AD is ideal and if needed, it runs on batteries. You can even connect it to your laptop to transfer any music pieces that your child has created.

Korg MicroPiano 61-Key Compact Digital Piano

Personally, I like the Korg MicroPiano digital piano, mainly because it is a small version of a grand piano and portable. It can function with six AA batteries, which allows your child to take it along with her to play anywhere and at any time. Although it comes with 61 keys, it provides quality sound and playability.

Yamaha Piaggero NP31 76-Key Lightweight Digital Piano

The Yamaha Piaggero is lightweight and runs on AA batteries. It is portable, which makes it easy for your child to learn to play it. The sound quality is good, especially when it is compared to earlier Yamaha models that are within the price range and same characteristics. Since its keys are touch-sensitive, you will notice that the sound is much lighter when the keys are pressed lightly, and louder or harder when pressed with more intensity.

Korg SP 280 BK 88-Key Digital Piano

There are various reasons why you should choose this digital piano for your child. It is lightweight and comes with 88 natural-weighted keys. When struck, the keys emit rich, acoustic, and dynamic sound, which can be recorded by using external sources. There is also a high-output amplifier to allow your child to play it with lots of volume.

Casio PX 350 BK 88-Key Privia Digital Pianodigital piano lessons

Casio is rather new when it comes to world of digital pianos. In the past, Casio used to construct and produce large numbers of toy keyboards and digital products. However, in recent years, Casio has certainly stepped up and is deemed as a very competitive digital piano producer in all the various price ranges.

The PX 350 BK is one of the best choices for your child, particularly if she is a beginner. The sound quality is superb and all the 88 keys come with three sensors for every key. The scaled hammer action is amazing, which is essential for most piano players. There are over 120 polyphony sounds and 250 build-in tones as well.

When shopping for a digital piano, I would advise that you bring your child along with you and test every unit that you come across. While aesthetic value is imperative, the sound quality and playability are more important in the end. You should not purchase a digital piano that does not match your requirements. Thus, it is best to ask for the dealer’s opinions and expertise about a particular model that you and your child are interested in.

In your opinion, which digital piano brand is the best on the market?

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