6 Incredible Benefits of Playing Piano

There are numerous advantages of playing piano that go far beyond a better appreciation for both music and the achievement of a new skill. If you are still not convinced about taking up piano lessons or sending your child to learn the piano, the following six benefits may just help you make the decision:

What To Look For In Piano Lessons In Atlanta

Do you know that buying a piano is a once in a lifetime purchase? How about making the buying process an easy one for you? In Atlanta, Cooper Piano, today owned and operated by Blake and Jolie (fourth generation of Coopers to own and operate Cooper Music, one of America’s largest and most respected music … Continued

Atlanta Host Piano Lessons With Ted Howe

Not many people know the benefits of learning or playing piano. Large numbers of people feel that it is simply a way to distract them from the “real world”. Learning how to play piano is certainly not only about distracting oneself from the daily norms of life. Up until this very day, I still enjoy … Continued

How To Get Started With Playing Piano

When I started playing piano as a child, I did not quite enjoy it until I started to realize how much it has helped to stimulate several parts of my body and mind. I would admit and say that playing a piano is a way of feeding the brain. As I aged, I kept playing … Continued

Why Schimmel Pianos Are Top Quality

If you plan to send your child to a music school to attend piano lessons, it is imperative that your child is interested in learning it properly and on a permanent basis. If children were given a choice, most of them would not want to take a bath, do their Math or Science homework, or … Continued

Piano Lessons Atlanta And How To Pick A Teacher

If you are looking for what Piano Lessons Atlanta has to offer you, then you should consider following these tips to find the best piano teacher for you or your children. It is important to know how to breakdown your options when you are searching for a tutor. Learn the right questions to ask and you … Continued

Piano Rental Atlanta, Only At Cooper Piano

Choosing the right piano is not an easy task. It never has been. For generations, people serious about music, and those simply investigating a new way of life, have been searching for the right company for their musical endeavors.