How To Get Started With Playing Piano

When I started playing piano as a child, I did not quite enjoy it until I started to realize how playing pianomuch it has helped to stimulate several parts of my body and mind. I would admit and say that playing a piano is a way of feeding the brain. As I aged, I kept playing and until this day, I still enjoy every moment of it. It was not very easy to get started, as I was quite stubborn, but as I got used to the idea of playing it, I did not want to stop.

Playing this particular musical instrument gives me a sense of gratification that is unlike any other. If you are thinking of taking piano lessons, there are several things you need to consider when you want to get started, such as hiring the right piano teacher. You need to learn to ask the right questions because by knowing what to ask, you will end up with a great teacher.

The Level of Experience Gained by the Teachers

I know many music students who major in piano and offer their services at an affordable price. While they may be affordable, you need to realize these students still have plenty to learn from their courses. Thus, they would not be the best people to teach you. Nonetheless, they would be ideal if you want to learn only the basics of playing the piano.

The best people to hire are the ones who have a lot of experiences in playing piano. Piano teachers or professional pianists have the right qualifications to teach people. My advice is that you find someone who is able to tackle your weaknesses in playing the musical instrument. You can determine whether he or she is able to do so by observing one of his or her lessons with his or her students. Attending a lesson is a great way to find out if you and the teacher will get along as well.

Do the Piano Teachers Host Their Own Recitals?

This may not seem like a valid question, but if you want to be under the spotlight one day, you need a tutor who hosts recitals on a regular basis. This way, if your goal is to play in front of a huge audience, your tutor should be able to prepare you for the big day. I believe the goals you have when it comes to playing piano determine the type of tutor that is suitable for you.

House Calls or Classroom  piano lessons

I started my piano lessons from home because my parents decided it was a better option compared to attending classes at the music school. I did not complain, because I would rather learn from home than to learn with other students. There are several music schools that offer one-on-one lessons if you prefer to learn in a school environment. However, if you are shy like I am, it is best to look for a piano tutor that is able to teach you at home.

Of course, in order to learn from home, you need to have a piano, but if you do not own one yet, then, it is best to start at a music school first. As soon as you have bought your own piano, you can continue your lessons at home. From what I have learned, a music school allows you to get used to other types of pianos, which is very useful. The upside of house calls is that you can learn at any time that suits your schedule.

The Length of the Lessons

In the beginning, my lessons were about 30 to 60 minutes, which suited me perfectly, because if it were any longer, I would have lost concentration. Half an hour to an hour is usually an excellent preparatory period, because too long can be quite distracting for most people, especially beginners and young people.  




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