What To Know Before You Buy Your First Piano

  When I was a child, all my heart desired was a piano. I loved to sing in the choir and longed to accompany myself at home. The year I turned 10, my parents bought me the best little upright they could afford and I taught myself to pick out the simple tunes in the … Continued

How To Select The Best Room For A Piano?

I always remind my customers that the piano is constructed to last a long time, and chances are it can and will last for several decades. This is especially true if the instrument is taken well care of and for this to be possible, a number of things have to happen, especially where the piano … Continued

Knowing The Skills Of The Acoustic Digital Piano Buyer

Whether you’re making a piano purchase for the first time or have plenty of experience with selecting instruments, there are a few important considerations that any acoustic digital piano buyer should keep in mind. Most piano sellers are helpful and honest people with a passion for the instrument, but when buying any expensive item like … Continued

Acoustic Digital Piano Buyer And Research

With the advent of high-quality electronic instruments, an interesting question has arisen for potential piano-buyers: whether to get an acoustic piano, or a digital piano. While purists often look doubtfully upon digital pianos, in reality, these are two substantially different products with different features and abilities. Which you want depends more on what you want … Continued

Player Pianos Run With An Ipad Or Smart Phone

Has the novelty of a player piano become history, much like those old movies depicting player pianos? I don’t think so, especially with the rise of smartphones and tablets. In fact, player pianos can now be played with even an iPhone or iPad! So, if you find yourself interested in purchasing a piano but don’t … Continued

Cooper Piano Has The Largest Selection

If you’re in the market for a piano, you probably aren’t going to simply buy the first piano you see. After all, buying a piano is a major purchase, and moreover, every piano is a little different. They all have slightly different sounds, along with different key and pedal actions. Really, the only way you … Continued

A Digital Piano Plays Different Than An Acoustic Piano

Because we are living in a truly digital age, it is only natural that you may be looking at purchasing a digital piano for your home instead of a traditional acoustic instrument. One of my most frequently asked questions is, "Are digital pianos as good as acoustic pianos?" There is no simple "yes" or "no" … Continued

Acoustic Digital Piano Buyer Tips

Traditional pianos are acoustic pianos, with sound produced when keys are touched, causing internal hammers to hit strings that vibrate and produce musical notes. A acoustic digital piano, however, is an electric piano with additional capacities that sounds just like an acoustic piano and therefore is often called a digital acoustic piano. Digital Acoustic Pianos … Continued