A Digital Piano Plays Different Than An Acoustic Piano

pianoBecause we are living in a truly digital age, it is only natural that you may be looking at purchasing a digital piano for your home instead of a traditional acoustic instrument. One of my most frequently asked questions is, "Are digital pianos as good as acoustic pianos?" There is no simple "yes" or "no" answer to this question because in spite of both instrument types providing beautiful sound and overall quality, the two share many differences which makes a simple comparison difficult.

Both acoustic and digital pianos have their strengths and weaknesses, and your decision between the two will ultimately come down to personal preference. It’s a safe bet that most of us are relatively familiar with traditional pianos, so in this blog article we will explore what sets a digital piano apart from the rest. Here are some of the main ways that your experience with a digital model will differ from a traditional, acoustic piano.

1. Ease of Playing

For beginners, and those players who have short, or weak fingers, the age of the digital piano is a true blessing. Digital keys are much lighter and easier to press down than the larger, heavier keys which make up the keyboard on an acoustic instrument. Because a digital model is overall, much smaller than a traditional piano, it becomes much simpler to reach keys across the board without straining and stretching. For old pros who are used to a traditional acoustic piano, it may be a bit of a challenge to adjust to the smaller and more compact keyboard span, however, this is an adjustment which can certainly be made over time.

2. Freedom & Flexibility

A digital piano gives you the flexibility and freedom to play whenever and wherever you like. Because they are so light, digital models can easily be transported from one place to another, and all you have to do is plug it in and start playing! Often when moving an acoustic instrument, the piano will need to be re-tuned, but this is not the case with a digital piece. Night owls will also benefit from the flexibility to practice on a digital piano. A traditional acoustic instrument is simply too loud to play at night and the sound would be disturbing to other household occupants and neighbors. When playing on a digital model, you have the option to insert a set of headphones and practice as loudly as you would like, any time of day. You can also adjust the volume at any time to keep from disrupting anyone else around you.

3. Sound Qualitydigital pianos

The digital instruments which are being manufactured today are created to emulate a truly authentic sound quality that will make you feel like you are playing an actual acoustic instrument. And for those times when you are feeling like getting creative and shaking things up, digital instruments will allow you to play around with different instrumental sounds. You can mimic organs, symphonies, harps, and a variety of other experimental sounds.

4. Helpful Tools

Many digital instruments come with a variety of performance-enhancing tools to encourage your imagination and improve your playing skills. Built in metronomes will help you to keep time, and pedals will make you feel like you are playing the "real" thing. Some digital pianos will also enable you to record your music for playback and will allow you to layer various tones, or play against your recording as a duet.

5. Budget-Friendly

If the price of purchasing a new instrument has had you worried, the cost of going digital will have you singing a whole different tune! In comparison to an acoustic piano, digital models are extremely affordable and make an incredible addition to any household, regardless of individual budget concerns. Pianos bring so much joy and beauty into the lives of children and adults alike, and the affordability of a digital instrument enables anyone to experience that happiness.

What appeals to you most about digital pianos?  

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