Player Pianos Run With An Ipad Or Smart Phone

Has the novelty of a player piano become history, much like those old movies depicting player pianos? I don’tplayer piano think so, especially with the rise of smartphones and tablets. In fact, player pianos can now be played with even an iPhone or iPad! So, if you find yourself interested in purchasing a piano but don’t have the time to learn to play, perhaps it’s time to look into a self-playing piano which uses new technology.

Most people are pretty busy these days, especially when it comes to the kid’s soccer practice, dance recitals, homework, and then you have your own projects at work, keeping the house tidy, and everything else inbetween. Trying to squeeze in piano practice or taking the kids to training sessions or yet another performance can seem like a hassle. But, you would still love to have a piano in your house–one that can still be enjoyed.

I was in the same mindset, since pianos make for wonderful gifts and shouldn’t go to waste by collecting dust in the living room. Instead, there is the prospect of purchasing a piano which can play itself. You know, just like the ones in old movies and cartoons! They’re especially good if you’re:

  • Looking for a conversational starter piece that will both delight and entertain any party.

  • A novelty piece for the foyer of your bed and breakfast, inn, hotel, or other business establishment that wants to add a touch of class.

  • A great complimentary gift to those latest gadgets, especially for music lovers who have everything.

  • Speaking of people who already own everything: do they already own a player piano? It’s not a very common gift and could just be the right quirky gift!

Gone are the old days of feeding the pianos with predetermined sheet books in order for them to play, as you piano playernow can download the information straight from your smartphone or tablet and have the piano play practically anything you want to listen to. Jazz, blues, country, and even Top 40 can all be played and enjoyed, while being stored straight on your gadgets for safe keeping (and normally can be downloaded for free).

Another great thing about playing piano is that they’re now easier to maintain. Back in the day, all of the mechanics to make sure it plays properly and that the piano stayed in tune meant a lot of moving parts to maintain and fix every so often. Now, having digital access allows people to own this type of unique piano without the huge investment and responsibility of lots of parts that might need to be repaired or changed.

I think player pianos are very unique instruments that shouldn’t be left to history. They can be easily updated to the 21st Century and have been! Bringing the wonder of music and such a wonderful instrument such as the piano into a kid’s life is a great gateway to more music education and even better concentration and grades at school. Player pianos with the capabilities of being hooked up with an iPhone or iPad make that connection with kids in this generation even easier.

What do you think about player pianos: Total gimmick or perfect unique gift? 





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