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Cooper PianoIf you’re in the market for a piano, you probably aren’t going to simply buy the first piano you see.

After all, buying a piano is a major purchase, and moreover, every piano is a little different. They all have slightly different sounds, along with different key and pedal actions. Really, the only way you can find the perfect piano for you is to try out as many as you can, looking for that perfect one that suits your playing style.

That’s why it’s important to visit a true piano store like Cooper Piano, that stocks dozens of different pianos from all the major brands.

Unlike your general purpose “music store,” all we focus on is pianos, organs, and other keyboard instruments. We believe Cooper Piano has the best selection of pianos in the Atlanta area, and we happily encourage you to come down to our showroom and try them out. We know you want selection and choices when buying a piano, and we mean to provide it!

The Cooper Piano Selection

Grand Pianos

We stock a full range of all major grand piano brands, including Steinway, Schimmel, Bosendorfer, Yamaha, Kawai, and Baldwin. We sell grands of all sizes as well, from shorter “salon” pianos, to full-size 9” models which are suitable for any concert setting.

The Cooper Piano showroom floor keeps our grand pianos on display, ready for any music lover to take a seat and try one out. We also offer rent-to-own options, so that you can take home the piano you want without having to pay for it in cash beforehand.

Upright Pianosupright pianos

We also have a full range of uprights, for those on a budget or who have limited space available. Uprights often have a distinct sound of their own, better suited to smaller, more intimate settings. All of the uprights we stock, from Petrof to Kohler & Campbell, are fine instruments that will immediately add style to your home, as well as filling it with wonderful music!

We have plenty of uprights on display, ready to try out as well. If you’re not sure whether you want an upright or a grand in your home, our great selection gives you plenty of opportunities to try both!


For organ lovers, we keep a selection of wonderful Hammond organs, ready for any home or church. All our Hammond organs have been carefully cared for and refurbished, and are coupled with Leslie speakers to ensure great sound quality. All our restored organs come with a 1-year warranty on parts as well, so you can rest assured you’re getting a great musical instrument.

Player Pianos

The art of the player piano has come a long way since the roll-fed mechanical pianos of our grandparents! The Cooper Piano selection of player pianos are 21st century devices, which can interface directly with an iPad or Smartphone!

Besides carrying player pianos in stock, we can also install a modern Piano Disc player system onto your showroomexisting piano, as well as adding it to any of the pianos we carry. If you want a piano that can play itself, we can make that a reality.


If you’re on a budget, a refurbished, guaranteed, previously owned piano may be the right choice. We carefully examine and repair every piano that comes in before putting it up for sale again, restoring the instrument to its original splendor. A refurbished ten-year-old piano can last just as well, and produce just as beautiful music, as one which is new.

The Cooper Piano Difference

People in the Atlanta area know that Cooper Piano, with over a hundred years of history, is THE place to go for all your piano needs. From new instruments, to pre-owned, to servicing, we offer a range and selection which is unmatched. Come visit us for yourself and see!

Is this the year you’ll finally get that piano you’ve always wanted?  





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