Understanding Piano Types

My family says they dread the moment whenever we bump into friends, because as soon as any of them asks about or mentions the piano, I start talking for hours on end about it. While my family loves this musical instrument as much as I do (although I may love it more!), it is not … Continued

The Importance Of Vertical Pianos Maintenance

A piano purchase is a long term investment much like the purchase of a home or an automobile. And as such, in order to have your piano always in top form, it will require the services of someone who is well versed as a piano tuner.

What Is A Vertical Piano?

Not many people think that vertical pianos have an excellent tonal quality due to their compactness. However, as time goes by, manufacturers have produced better vertical pianos, also known as upright pianos. A vertical piano may be the best choice if you have a relatively small space. Choosing the musical instrument for your humble abode … Continued

What Can Vertical Pianos Offer To Its Owner?

Customers ask me all the time, what can Vertical Pianos offer them? People who have always played a grand piano may not know what an upright piano can offer. Most people have the habit of sticking to something that they are used to or are not adventurous enough when it comes to trying other types … Continued

Vertical Pianos Are Manufactured Along Side Grand Pianos

Vertical Pianos is a term often used in the piano industry, but most people know them as Upright Pianos. Obvious reasons abound for this, but the main reason it that the strings are vertical in this version of the popular and beautiful instrument known as the piano, short for painoforte, the original, Italian name.

Keyboard Piano Techniques And The Piano Action

I promised myself from a young age that when I finally had kids, I would ensure that they would learn how to play the piano. For me, I have associated it with elegance, class and a rich history. I love the sweet tunes that this instrument produces and it is one of those things that … Continued