The Importance Of Vertical Pianos Maintenance

A piano purchase is a long term investment much like the purchase of a home or an automobile. And as such, in order to have your piano always in top form, it will require the services of someone who is well versed as a piano tuner.vertical piano

When you are going through the selection process for buying a vertical piano, one of the things that you should discuss with the dealer is do they service the vertical pianos that they sell? This may sound like an unusual question, but it is information that you need to have in deciding on a purchase…and honestly the wrong answer may just be a factor in walking away from a certain dealer and looking elsewhere for your desired piano.

Of course you can purchase a piano and hire your own service person to tune your vertical piano for you, and obviously you will want to hire someone who is a registered member of the Piano Technicians Guild, and is familiar with the nuances of performing maintenance on vertical pianos.Aside from the obvious task of having proper piano tuning, there are other things that should be addressed in regard to your piano’s care and maintenance such as where your piano is located in your home, the surrounding air quality and overall humidity of where the piano is kept, and caring for the finish of your piano tuningpiano.In most cases, a person’s home is not going to have the proper type of humidity control to keep a piano in peak condition.

When problems start to arise, it usually has something to do with the piano’s inner workings…in other words the instrument’s soundboard. A soundboard will move due to changes in the humidity in the room where the grand piano rests, and this is one of those things that cannot really be stopped. But with the addition of a humidity control unit such as a Dampp-Chaser Humidity Control System, this can help the piano stay in tune better between regular tuning adjustments.Protecting the wood finish of the piano is also very important. Keeping the piano out of direct sunlight of course is a given, due to the drying effect it has on the wood. There are specific types of polishes for every wood and or finish and you should speak with your dealer’s technician about the best polish for your piano’s surface.




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