What Can Vertical Pianos Offer To Its Owner?

Customers ask me all the time, what can Vertical Pianos offer them? People who have always vertical pianosplayed a grand piano may not know what an upright piano can offer. Most people have the habit of sticking to something that they are used to or are not adventurous enough when it comes to trying other types of pianos. In this article, I will share what a vertical piano is able to offer its owners.

Vertical Pianos are Reasonably Priced

These days, it is easy to find musical instrument stores that offer reasonably priced pianos. An affordable piano does not mean that it does not offer a high standard of finish, a good responsive touch, and a satisfying tonal quality. It is quite the contrary, as most affordable pianos are some of the best you can find on the market.

What Does a Vertical Piano Has to Offer

These pianos are measured between 110cm and 135cm tall, about 155cm wide, and around 60cm in depth. The height is the major difference between one model and the other. While this type of piano is tall, the size is rather small compared to a grand piano. It is popular due to its efficient use of space. Grand pianos may offer more in terms of aesthetic value, but for those who are space-conscious, the upright pianos are able to offer a sonorous sound, a great advantage when it comes to the key actions, an extensive dynamic range, and they take up nominal floor space.

Old vs. New Vertical Pianos

I admit that modern engineering and design are very effectual, and they are worth a lot. In the 1930’s, pianos made by top manufacturers such as Grotrian Steinweg, Bechstein, or Bluthner were extremely attractive when it came to their prices, compared to the same models that were made recently. Nonetheless, these pianos do not match up with the newer ones, as the designs are poles apart. Back then, the actions were not as good, the timbers or wood used were not built with central heating, and the scale designs were not well engineered.

Older pianos cannot offer much compared to the newer upright pianos. A lot of the older pianos have been subjected to weighing a lot heavier, moved around over 10 to 15 times, and they have been played and utilized heavily over the years. Consequently, all you will have is an unsatisfactory musical instrument that is unable to compete with an exceptional new piano.

I know there are people who can only afford to buy a used piano and there is nothing wrong ingrand piano doing so, because they can find a used vertical piano that is still in good condition. However, in order to come across a great secondhand piano, it is imperative that they hire a Registered Piano Technician to look at the restored pianos first. RPTs are able to tell the difference between an amazing used piano and one that does not have a lot to offer.

The Biggest Improvement in Most Vertical Pianos

The majority of exceptional upright pianos (at 120cm-tall) are able to do better than those that stand at 116cm, and yet, they can still be reasonably priced. I believe that this is the most effectual upgrade in terms of vertical piano specifications, between two successive sizes, for the minimal divergence in price. The former is able to offer better tone and feel, because of the longer strings and bigger soundboard area that expands the depth of the tone in the bass and lower-mid registers.

Vertical Pianos certainly have a lot to offer those who want to expand their playing capability. The best way to determine if a vertical piano is suitable for you is to test several models before you make the purchase.

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