Vertical Pianos Are Manufactured Along Side Grand Pianos

Vertical Pianos is a term often used in the piano industry, but most people know them as Upright Pianos. Obvious reasons abound for this, but the main reason it that the strings are vertical in this version of the popular and beautiful instrument known as the piano, short for painoforte, the original, Italian name.vertical-pianos

There are actually various types of vertical pianos. A Studio piano is a type of vertical piano that is taller than 42 inches, but not taller than 45 inches. Console pianos are shorter yet, and have a compact action. The streamlined and sleek spinet piano sports a top that barely rises above the keyboard. Anything taller than 45 inches, that is taller than a studio piano is commonly called an upright piano. There is also a gig piano, which is a 65 key instrument often used by traveling musicians.

Vertical pianos are manufactured, often times, by the same manufacturers as grand pianos. The quality is not spared and they are built to be played, making music decade after decade. The compact size as it relates to the footprint allows for people to have them in their homes without a dedicated room. Wheels and moving handles make upright pianos semi-portable. They can be pulled out from the wall for performances or jam-sessions and moved around within the house fairly easily if you have help. 

A piano of any sort is not just an instrument, but a piece of furniture, an heirloom, to be treasured for many years. There are actually three of these pianos in existence today that were built by Bartolomeo Cristofori, the man credited with inventing the modern piano. These pianos date back to 1720. What a treasure it would be to have a fine instrument in your family for generation after generation. How much finer to have a generation after another that created beautiful piano music for friends, family and neighbors. We really have the opportunity to build better lives through music participation.

Vertical pianos, as well as grand pianos are manufactured all over the globe. From Austria, Italy to the US and Mexico, Japan, Korea, Indonesia and China, piano manufacturers are building these wonderful and popular instruments. Woods from all over the globe are used, each selected for the job they perform, from cabinetry to tonality. 

upright-pianosMost pianos, especially vertical pianos, are purchased because the family wants the children to take lessons and learn music thereon. This is a great motive because studies have shown that children that learn piano and music are indeed more apt to be able to learn other topics. However, keep in mind that the child will grow, the piano will remain. Should the child grow into a full bloomed musician, the quality of the instrument is going to be important. What I am saying is, don’t just think in terms of a child playing on a "learner" model, but hope for the best and provide the best you are able to: a quality, lovely sounding and beautiful to behold instrument.

There are so many models and reasons to acquire each one in the world of pianos. We would love to hear your story! Why did you purchase the piano you have, or what is the main reason you are looking for a piano now? Tell us an heirloom story if you have one, or even paint a picture of what you would hope for in the the piano that comes to grace your home for the coming years and decades! We love your stories. Just hit the "comment" button below, please.

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