What To Look for When Buying A Upright Piano

When I was small, one of the things I most looked forward to was going to my grandparents’ house, and seeing the marvelous upright piano they’d had since the 40s. I spent hours listening to my grandmother banging out everything from church hymns to ragtime. I never became very good at playing the piano myself, … Continued

The Importance Of Vertical Pianos Maintenance

A piano purchase is a long term investment much like the purchase of a home or an automobile. And as such, in order to have your piano always in top form, it will require the services of someone who is well versed as a piano tuner.

What Is A Vertical Piano?

Not many people think that vertical pianos have an excellent tonal quality due to their compactness. However, as time goes by, manufacturers have produced better vertical pianos, also known as upright pianos. A vertical piano may be the best choice if you have a relatively small space. Choosing the musical instrument for your humble abode … Continued

What Can Vertical Pianos Offer To Its Owner?

Customers ask me all the time, what can Vertical Pianos offer them? People who have always played a grand piano may not know what an upright piano can offer. Most people have the habit of sticking to something that they are used to or are not adventurous enough when it comes to trying other types … Continued

Cooper Piano: Offering Great Pianos With Great Customer Service

Customer service is a fundamental part of my company and at Cooper Music; it is certainly not seen as an extension of our business. Before I started the company, I told myself that it was important to integrate great pianos with great customer service. Without the best products and services, I did not think a … Continued

Vertical Pianos Are Manufactured Along Side Grand Pianos

Vertical Pianos is a term often used in the piano industry, but most people know them as Upright Pianos. Obvious reasons abound for this, but the main reason it that the strings are vertical in this version of the popular and beautiful instrument known as the piano, short for painoforte, the original, Italian name.

Cooper Piano Sales Events

When it comes to pianos, the owner of Cooper Piano in Atlanta has a belief that since buying a piano is an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, the process should be easy, careful and consumers should be educated. This is why consumers should be cautious when piano sales events arise, since it can be tempting to jump at what … Continued

Vertical Pianos And Room Placement

The choices can baffle almost anyone when it comes to the proper placement of a piano in a room. Acoustics, hot and cold air vents, windows, and walls are just a few of the things to be taken into consideration when deciding on that perfect spot for vertical pianos.