4 Things To Know About Used Upright Pianos

Purchasing a used upright piano does not have to be nerve-wracking undertaking. A number of useful tips can help steer you in the right direction, limit any mistakes or bad decisions, and assure that you obtain the best value. Before you purchase a unit, it is worthwhile learning a few significant things about upright pianos:

Choosing Between A Digital Piano Or An Upright Piano?

Upright pianos and digital pianos are both popular choices for those who want the pleasure of owning a fine piano, but just don’t yet have the space or the time needed to properly care for a grand. Frankly, either choice would going to be a good one. Whether it’s for a musician’s home studio, or … Continued

Why Should I Own An Upright Piano?

Almost every customer that comes in asks the same question, “Why should one own an upright piano?” It seems to be on everyone’s mind, because one or the other has heard so much about it, so I decided to write an article about upright pianos and why you should consider buying it.

What’s The Allure To The Grand Piano?

A grand piano is a complex and regal machine; its mere presence will give any room a distinct air that can be brought about only by the presence of a beautiful instrument that could fill the air with majestic sound. Grand pianos are such beautiful specimens that not only will they provide powerful sounds to … Continued

What Is So Special About Upright Pianos

Among many piano owners, the common wisdom holds that grand pianos are ideal, and an upright piano is a concession to necessity rather than a preferred choice. This way of thinking neglects the unique virtues of upright pianos that make some music lovers actively seek them out for their homes. When you look at an … Continued

Upright Pianos Have A Good Sound

When it comes to finding the perfect piano for you and your family, you have many choices to decide from. However, because we understand that a piano is a once in a lifetime investment for anyone, having some help on choosing the right piano doesn’t have to be hard to come by. In fact, our … Continued