Upright Pianos Have A Good Sound

upright pianosWhen it comes to finding the perfect piano for you and your family, you have many choices to decide from. However, because we understand that a piano is a once in a lifetime investment for anyone, having some help on choosing the right piano doesn’t have to be hard to come by. In fact, our sales associates have years of experience with pianos–whether through teaching or playing professionally–and can help you decide on just the perfect brand, sound, and even help with enrolling in classes to learn to play your new instrument!

There are all kinds of different pianos out there: concert grand pianos, baby grand pianos, electric keyboards and full electric pianos, and then there’s even player pianos and upright pianos. Most people tend to sway toward baby grands or electric pianos, but, we think some of the best pianos out there for a family is the upright. Why an upright piano and not something else? Well, we have a few reasons why we choose the upright for a family:

  • Uprights are pretty much what the name implies. Instead of having an elongated area for all of the chords and mechanics of the piano, they are all tucked away and placed in an "upright" position. This makes upright pianos perfect for people looking to save space or don’t particularly have the room for a large grand piano and want something authentic.

  • When comparing prices between different kinds of pianos, uprights tend to have the best value in the long run. Because they aren’t as big or meticulous to take care of, upright pianos generally cost much less–usually around the tune of $2,000 to $9,000 and most of them can be found at a relatively young age in their lifetime. Where as grand pianos will set you back around $10,000 to even a six figure price range!grand pianos

  • Maintenance between the all of the different kinds of pianos is different, too. Uprights are easier to maintain compared to grand pianos, although obviously the electric piano will be the easiest one to maintain.

  • The sound between all of the pianos is very different and have their own little nuances. For example, a grand piano (including baby grands) will have longer, bigger sounds because their strings are stretched out longer compared to an upright piano. Uprights have a shorter sound, but, because of the way the upright is built the sound of one will become richer over time.

  • Most families will have an upright for its compact size, smaller weight, and easy maintenance as well as their unique sound that becomes fuller over time.

  • Finally, if you’re thinking of teaching kids or grand-kids to learn piano, the upright piano is perfect to learn on because of its smaller size, easy-to-reach keys, and comfortable sitting position. It will be less daunting for a child to learn on an upright than on a grand piano and the weighted keys will teach them good hand technique compared to an electric.

All in all, the upright piano is a good investment that will be well-rounded for any kind of family. Whether you prefer jazz, classical music or even modern music, the upright can provide very rich sounds that will entertain for a lifetime! Which one do you prefer: The grand piano, upright piano, or something else?   






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