The Schimmel C213 Semi-Concert Grand

  The 7ft Schimmel C213 is one of our favorite pianos here at Cooper Piano, and for a good reason. By embodying some of the more cutting-edge features of the Konzert series, the C213 marries innovation and tradition, creating a piano in a league of its own. And when you factor in how much it … Continued

Where To Place Your Piano, And Why

Where to Place Your Piano and Why If you just purchased your first piano or looking to rearrange your room; piano placement is of utmost importance. It’s important to know where not to place the piano as well as where it will be of best use. There are many factors that affect your choice including … Continued

Different Pianos For Different Players

Not all piano players need a Bosendorfer (thank heaven) If you’re thinking about buying a piano for yourself, your kids or just to have for the whole family to use, then there are a multitude of things to consider. First off, you should realize that buying an acoustic piano is a serious investment on the … Continued

Where to Look for Used Pianos

Where Should You Look Used Pianos? You may search for used pianos in a number of locations, and each new location offers a wealth of instruments that you may purchase personal use or large groups. This article explains how you may find a used piano of note, and you will quite enjoy the piano you … Continued

Rekindling the Joy of Performing Music

  Rekindling the Joy of Performing Music Music is a beautiful facet of life, integral in popular culture, emotional communication, and exemplification of mental prowess. An invention of our ever-inspired ancestors, music gathers together all people, highlighting commonality through tonal ties that bind. These wonderful blessings open a new realm for many an individual, and … Continued

Common Piano Beginner Problems

Common Problems Beginner Pianists Encounter I have met quite a few beginner pianists, and they have issues that are often easy to avoid. They simply are not immersed in the piano culture as they should be, and this article explains each problem as I have seen it. A new player may fashion a practice routine … Continued

How To Choose The Best Piano For Your House

How To Choose The Best Piano For Your House Often times the image of a piano fitting in a room brings to mind well-aged cartoons with ridiculous ends. Sometimes with a piano falling on the villain’s head. Perhaps it brings to mind a fabulous ballroom with a gleaming grand piano sitting in the center of … Continued