What do I do when my child doesn’t want to practice piano?

How To Encourage Your Kids To Practice Piano


Put Piano Practice Before Playing

Sometimes, kids don’t want to do what’s best for them. Instead, they want to play computer games or text on their phones. This when you need to limit how much free time the child has and put the focus back on music. Eventually, your child will learn the importance of priorities and why they need to put piano practice before everything else. When I started learning how to play the piano, I had a few distractions of my own. However, thanks to discipline I was able to focus on music and future.


Make Piano Practice A Daily Routine

In order for your child to keep up, you are going to have to make piano practice a daily activity. Practicing every once and a while is an easy way for children to forget what they just learned. In fact, many experts believe it takes at least 10000 hours practicing something before a person can finally master it. Piano music is no exception to this rule. Take at least an hour so out of every day for the keyboard.



Let Them Take A Break Once And A While

While it is important to make piano lessons a daily activity, there is a need for relaxation. Trying to juggle school and music, your child may find the routine exhausting and end up burning out. Set a limit to how long your child will practice playing piano music everyday. Trying to practice for multiple hours is almost certainly going to exhaust him or her. Instead, keep practice time at an hour or under. On the weekends, keep practice at a minimum. You don’t want your children losing the ability to handle other responsibilities like school or chores.


Help Them Link Music To Success

The lessons children learn from music lessons are lessons they can apply in other areas of life. For instance, some research has shown a correlation between musical talent and mathematical ability. Learning how to play the piano requires discipline and determination as well. Those are lessons they’ll use anywhere they decide to go in life. Make sure your children understand how important this lesson you are trying to teach them is for adulthood. Children understand they need to think about their futures and plan ahead. Connecting piano music to success in their careers and academics will encourage them to study.



Consider Hiring A Piano Teacher

Some people are able to learn how to play piano music by themselves, but most people will need the help of music teachers to understand how to play. Even the best piano players may have had a few problems in their past. I’ve even had some challenges of my own at times. Fortunately, finding a music teacher is easy in the Atlanta, George area. Cooper Piano will give your child all the help they need to master the piano.



Mix In Some Pop Culture Tunes

Piano music is a classic instrument, but there are plenty of popular songs on the radio using piano music. When young piano students hear their favorite musicians playing the piano they’ll want to imitate them. During music lessons, use popular songs as examples to inspire them to learn. Even songs that do not necessarily have piano music in them are easily converted into songs you can play on a keyboard. Learning to play an instrument is fun for kids, and letting them play songs by their favorite musicians adds to that.



Connect History To Their Piano Music Practice

Atlanta has a long and storied history of creating trends in music and establishing new musical genres. Use this rich history as a chance to inspire kids by helping them understand the connection between piano music and Atlanta. Some of the first lessons I learned from playing the piano were blues and R&B pieces from the early 20th century. You can even go further back into the history of the keyboard itself and teach them about the ancestors of the piano. This history lesson will also help them understand how piano music has developed over time and how famous pianists have mastered the art of piano music over time.



Let Them Compete Against Other Piano Players

Some kids are naturally competitive and they’ll want to test their skills with the piano against others. Look for any local piano contests for youth to help them use the competitive spirit. The other kids playing the piano will help them accept the idea that other kids are also learning how to play the piano too. They can meet others who have the same hobbies they have and form friendships. Ultimately, your kids will see piano practice as a way to bond and grow as an individual.



Use Piano Lessons To Help Them Enroll In Their Favorite College

When kids start applying to colleges, their extracurricular activities are going to stand out. Any school that sees your child has piano music as an extracurricular activity will certainly take that into consideration. In fact, there are even scholarships for students with musical talent. Remind you kids that the piano music lessons they learn can help them in the college application process. Learning how to play music is such a challenging and rewarding experience that even with a few marks on their grades they’ll have priority over other students who do not have any extracurricular activities on their applications.



Make Playing Piano Music A Family Tradition

One of the best ways to help your kids learn how to play the piano is to try to learn how to play it yourself. The music lessons you can find at music stores, such as Cooper Piano for example, are available for adults as well. When kids see their parents joining in, they tend to take their lessons more seriously. You’ll have a new hobby of your own and your kid

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