Rekindling the Joy of Performing Music


Rekindling the Joy of Performing Music

Music is a beautiful facet of life, integral in popular culture, emotional communication, and exemplification of mental prowess. An invention of our ever-inspired ancestors, music gathers together all people, highlighting commonality through tonal ties that bind. These wonderful blessings open a new realm for many an individual, and do so with unique elegance. In fact, it is one of humanity’s first hobbies.

A beacon of true joy and light in the often dark history of our forefathers. As we have evolved with it, it is a critical aspect of our ever-changing lives. And just as we have evolved, instruments have followed to represent technological ages. Beginning from humble drums and pan-flutes, humanity spiraled out in classic innovations, eventually providing the world with the gift of piano. While people stray afar from wonder of music as life’s trivialities intercede, piano playing is an unforgettable nuance in life’s journey, which no one should have to lose.


If this wonderful blessing opened the musical door for you in the past, it only takes one step to reignite your passion.

Once learned, you can never really forget how a piano feels. Recall the wide range of triumphant tones you once knew and loved. Imagine the incredible touch-sensitive feel of stroking the keys, creating soft swooning to hard hammering with the slightest shift of weight. Picture the keys, ebony and ivory in perfect contrast arranged in the unforgettable pattern, controlling the hammers that create a bell-like beauty of a sound. Remember the grain of the real wood in the structure itself, cascading in the proper light. It is intuitive as well as satisfying.

Even tantalizing. A beautiful synergy of nature and innovation. A chamber of sonic pleasure just waiting to be opened and enjoyed. The piano beckons for use, and while it is easy to let life sweep you away, it is too short to leave music behind.


Whether memories of being a young student, domestic demonstrator of majestic talent, or concert hall performer dominate your mind, the piano-playing experience is uniquely unforgettable. Watch the joy on your friends and families faces after a proper performance. This wave of emotion provides pleasure so powerful, that it reminds us the very nature of human potential. Music is truly a gift, handed to us by our ancestors, even deeper than humanity, from swan songs to tree-top orchestras, it is impossible to avoid.

That is how it should be, as these tones are evolutionarily ingrained in us, enhancing our awareness of being. Furthermore, as time has passed and new instruments have been developed, it has come to represent technology and culture.


The joy of music speaks volumes about time. It is the determining factor which defines the style of generations in unique expression. From throat-singing monks to cool jazz cats and rebellious rockers, music has intertwined itself with culture through media. In this exhilarating two-way road, music is affected by culture as it helps to mold that very culture.

So, in a weird, pseudo-anthropological way, reigniting your passion can help you explore the rich history that generation after generation has humbly provided.

As you dive into the various modal interchanges of great jazz tunes, or scale through simple rock, you immerse yourself into the times. Styles, moods, and even methods of thinking can all be explored through the touch of a key, a scale away. And as all piano players know, the instrument is incredibly flexible in its multitude of stylistic capabilities.


There is a reason that many of the late, great composers of history began their musical journeys on the piano. It is both accessible and elegant, it provides for both rhythm and melody, and finally, it is unforgettable. Just sitting on the bench behind your keys will remind you of your lost love.

Just as a craftsman is behind his table, or a rider on the saddle, piano is one of those nuances that defines our life outside of the weight of work. Luckily, you still have time to bring piano back into your lifestyle.


Music is truly a gift from nature which, once opened, will never leave its players. Music is a beautiful language, allowing for utmost emotional expression. It is an outlet of creativity and relief, simultaneously. Many of the worlds great philosophers have claimed that life without music would not be life at all. This is a certain, time-tested truth.


Music is the sonic embodiment joy, but not the standard joy one might feel from a fine wine or today’s shallow media saturation. Music is timeless, allowing us to directly connect with a deeper part of ourselves. It is unique, with a statistical range of possibilities so wide, that mankind continues to innovate, even when it seems that all has been done. It is the representation of the variety of life itself.

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