Common Piano Beginner Problems

Common Problems Beginner Pianists Encounter

I have met quite a few beginner pianists, and they have issues that are often easy to avoid. They simply are not immersed in the piano culture as they should be, and this article explains each problem as I have seen it. A new player may fashion a practice routine and schedule that allows them time with their piano, and the instrument becomes a new friend they may revisit for the rest of their lives. There is nothing stopping you from playing the piano, and you must not allow the piano to become a burden. The piano is a lovely instrument that will bring you years of happiness.


#1: Learning Slowly


Players often have a difficult time as they begin because they cannot learn as quickly as they may like. The best musicians in the world admit the piano is a difficult instrument to play, and you will do well to learn as slowly as possible. You cannot become a proficient player in a few weeks, and you cannot learn all the music you want in a short period of time. The fastest learners in the world will not move as fast on piano, and you need a bit of patience as you learn.


#2: Fine An Instructor


You must find a teacher who will meet with you once a week to help you learn the instrument. Teachers are found around the city, and you may meet a college student who thinks on your level, an old lady who will be quite kind or someone in your neighborhood who plays here and there. Having a teacher to guide you will make the process much simpler, and you will learn quite a lot from your teacher in the form of small techniques that make the instrument better.


#3: You Do Not Need A Serious Piano


There is no need to purchase the nicest piano you find when you learn to play. The simplest of pianos will help you learn to play, and it will serve you well for life. There is no need in the world to purchase massive piano unless you become quite a serious player. I have seen quite a few new players become too wrapped up in buying a new piano, and their new piano purchase overwhelms them as they learn to play the instrument.


#4: Practicing Regularly


Players have the hardest time remembering to practice because it is a task that is difficult to carry out in a short period of time. The finest musicians in the world are on a practice schedule that sees them playing at roughly the same times every day. They stay with their practice schedule because that is the only way they may improve their playing.


You may do the same in your home as you schedule time to practice every day. A half hour of practice will do wonders for your playing, and you need not practice more unless you feel moved to do so. The most serious players will put in quite a lot of time as they learn, and you may choose to do so at any hour. Practicing early in the morning may help you prepare for the day, or you may choose to practice in the evening after a long day of work.


#5: Listening To Diverse Recordings


New musicians often have quite a difficult time listening to diverse recordings as they play. They have fallen in love with a song or artist, and they do not stray outside either one as they learn the instrument. You are wise to listen to quite a few artists as you learn to play, and you will note how each player is quite different in their style. Players have their own opinions on music, and you may hear their opinions in each recording.


#6: Sharing With Others


Pianists are often afraid to play for others, and it is understandable that playing for a crowd may be scary. The idea of playing publicly is one thing that may not be broached, but players must play for someone they trust. Bringing a friend over to the house to listen will improve your confidence quite a lot, and I have seen friends come in to purchase pianos glowing about how well their friend plays.


The piano world is a large one, and you must bring as many people into the fold as you can. Each person who gets to hear you play will be proud of you, and they will support your desire to learn the instrument. They may help you find your first gig, show you new songs and listen to your favorite artists.


#7: Choosing A Genre


Pianists often have quite a difficult time as they choose a genre they never leave. They are quite interested in playing the music they fell in love with, but they may not play anything else. I encourage all players to try as much music as they can find, and I ask them to listen to every piece they find before they learn it. The combination of listening and practicing will ensure players have a wide base of knowledge on the instrument.


Players who come to the piano brand new may take each piece of advice listed above to hear before they begin their journey on the instrument. The instrument is a world of wonders, and it must be treated with a level of respect.

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