Top 4 Things To Look For In Used Pianos

If you’re considering buying a used piano, there are four main factors that demand your attention. If you carefully consider these factors, your piano purchase should proceed without a hitch. Condition Oftentimes used pianos can be much better in quality than a brand new piano. The fact that someone else has played it over a … Continued

Cooper Music, Helping You Learn To Play The Piano

Learning to play a piano can be an intimidating experience for most people. People adore the music emitting from this musical instrument and it can certainly set the mood for tranquility and relaxation. While it may be daunting to play the piano, for some people it is easy and not at all difficult to learn. … Continued

Vertical Pianos And Room Placement

The choices can baffle almost anyone when it comes to the proper placement of a piano in a room. Acoustics, hot and cold air vents, windows, and walls are just a few of the things to be taken into consideration when deciding on that perfect spot for vertical pianos.

The Best Time To Shop For Piano Sales

If you are like most people, your typical shopping list for the weekend probably includes eggs, detergent, maybe some new toner cartridges for the printer, perhaps a roll of paper towels, and so on. It probably does not feature baby grand piano or a an electric organ, right? Well, that’s as it should be — … Continued

Used Piano For Sale And The Things To Avoid

While it may seem like it is better to buy a piano brand new, most brands retain their quality and even become better over time, which ultimately means finding a better deal with a piano that is used. However, there are certain things that anyone who is interested in purchasing a used piano should be … Continued


Very few things are created perfectly the first time around. Generally, as years pass and technology improves, people find new and innovative ways of creating things. For example, automobiles have been around for well over a century and even in their first few decades of existence, they became considerably more efficient. In many ways, things … Continued

Piano Repair Estimates

When you are getting piano repair estimates on your instrument, it’s a good idea to come prepared. In an ideal world people would have whatever is wrong be whatever it was and no one would try and take them for a ride. Unfortunately we live in the real world where some people will give you … Continued

Atlanta Piano Rental for Newbies

There is a commitment made when buying a piano. It is not just to the instrument, but also to music. There is a whole world that comes along with the keys, the pedals, the carved wood. Some used pianos have a history of being played by experienced hands, others, brand new ones need to be … Continued