Top 4 Things To Look For In Used Pianos


If you’re considering buying a used piano, there are four main factors that demand your attention. If you carefully consider these factors, your piano purchase should proceed without a hitch.

  1. Condition

Oftentimes used pianos can be much better in quality than a brand new piano. The fact that someone else has played it over a period of time gives the instrument character.

It also makes it trustworthy. Just like you can trust a good used car that’s been well maintained, you can trust a used piano. However, you need to run a thorough check to make sure that all the components of the piano are in proper working order. Inspect the structure of the piano as well as its sound quality.

  1. Size/shape

When purchasing a piano, try to keep in mind the room in your house where you plan to place the instrument. A piano is a fairly massive object, and its presence in your house can change the feel of your everyday life.

Use your powers of imagination to envision the piano you’re looking at sitting in your home. Will it fit in aesthetically?

  1. Mechanics

Investigate how the piano actually works, and whether you’ll be able to fix it up if the need arises. Unlike new pianos, which generally come with warranties, used pianos usually become the buyer’s responsibility alone as soon as the purchase takes place.

The piano may be in good condition, but make sure that you have the wherewithal to sustain this condition.

  1. Aura

This factor is a little more mysterious and less objective than the others. Most instrument owners will attest to the fact that every instrument comes with its own “personality.” This is true of pianos in general, and used pianos especially.

Not only does the instrument have its own aura, it also absorbs the aura of its previous owners and situations. It’s very important that you actually see the piano in person before you buy it in order to pick up on the subjective feeling you get from it.

This may sound silly, but it’s really a rather important variable in whether you’ll be happy with your purchase.


If you pay attention to all these factors, then you’ll surely be able to find a used piano you’ll be happy with for years to come.

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