The Best Time To Shop For Piano Sales

If you are like most people, your typical shopping list for the weekend probably includes Piano Saleseggs, detergent, maybe some new toner cartridges for the printer, perhaps a roll of paper towels, and so on. It probably does not feature baby grand piano or a an electric organ, right?

Well, that’s as it should be — the purchase of a piano is, for most individuals and families, a once in a generation or even a once in a lifetime purchase (or longer, even, as finely made pianos only grow better with age and should be passed down through the family for many decades to come) and it should not be taken lightly. This is true both because of the price involved in buying a piano, of course, but also because there so many variations of the piano available to you, as well as comparable instruments like an organ or harpsichord. Now, we could not possibly cover all the major and minor factors to consider when you consider purchasing a piano right here and now, but we can point you in the right direction to get started with one of those factors. And yes, it is, for most prospective buyers, the big question: Where and when do I start looking for piano sales?

First of all, we need to be clear: to answer the part of the question at hand regarding When is the best time to buy a piano, we do not mean to give advice for any family specifically. That is to say that we do not mean to advise that the best time to acquire a piano is when your children are at a given age and perhaps ready for lessons, or that retirement is a great time for you to finally get that grand piano you have long dreamed of, and so on. That kind of "when" is entirely up to you, and our only advice there would be that the right time is when your budget and your desires align.

We mean to talk today about when exactly in the year is the right time for you and your family to look for piano sales. The answer is that there is no great answer unfortunately: most piano retailers either get stock in regularly throughout the year or specialize in a type of piano that moves slowly enough to where there are no dramatic trends from month to month. That said, there is a bit of advice we can proffer related to piano sales that just might help.Baby Grand Piano

Summertime is often the right time for piano purchases. While most folks are thinking of (and spending on) vacations and relax and recreation during the summer, many piano dealers are thinking about how their sales dip during these months. You can often find better deals already in place for piano sales over the summertime, and you will find yourself in a better negotiation position during these slower sales months.

The second factor to consider when looking for piano sales is to think about a piano like any other commodity available for purchase and consider when you would do your best shopping in general. This may mean taking advantage of pre holiday sales or post holiday inventory reduction offerings. Conduct your own research and factor in the general trends of the market, and then decide if it’s the right time for your family to have a beautiful, lifelong gift in the form of a piano’s music.

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