Grand Pianos – Are They Too Expensive Or Worth The Money?

Grand piano prices and sizes vary depending on where and by whom it was manufactured. Many people prefer a grand piano compared to an upright piano, mostly because grand pianos are aesthetically outstanding and produce some highly quality sonorous sounds. A grand piano typically looks far better in your living room and if you have … Continued

Grand Reasons To Buy Grand Pianos

Grand pianos are classically beautiful and elegant. The frame and strings of grand pianos are horizontal, making them different than upright pianos. They are usually larger than upright pianos and are used by many artists in concerts, or placed in homes as beautiful centerpieces. Whether you choose a concert grand, a parlor grand, boudoir grand … Continued

What To Look For In A Grand Rental

Due to insistent public demand, I am writing this guide on grand rental. I know for a fact that investing in a grand is a once in a lifetime decision. There are a lot of queries I got from our readers on how to make the right buying decision. We all have our own preferences. … Continued

Consider A Knabe Used Piano

A customer walked in the other day and asked if she could have a look at a used Knabe piano and without hesitating, I showed her my collection of quality Knabe pianos. She was impressed, but I could see that she was not all too sure if she should buy a new or a used … Continued

Different Pianos For Different Players

Pianos come in different designs, sizes, shapes, and styles as well as various types. You can mainly choose between an upright or a grand piano, a digital or an acoustic piano, over-strung or straight strung, and many others. Below, I have listed a few useful things that you should know about the different available types … Continued

3 Great Features Of The Celviano

Grand pianos, though a pride of many who own them are an expensive stock to come by and maintain. There is more to just attaining the beauty of a grand piano that however comes with a price. Known for their superbly engineered acoustic that lead to exotic sound production, it has always been hard to … Continued

Grand Pianos: Bringing Up The Aesthetics In Your Home

Adding a fresh coat of paint on your walls, adding accent furniture, and other methods are great to make the ambiance and environment of your house perfect throughout the year, but there is something even better that can really boost up the aesthetic of any family’s house. Beautifully crafted and high quality sounding grand pianos … Continued

FAQ About Popular Pianos For Sale

We all have questions when it comes to big purchases and pianos are no different. When you’re ready to make that once in a lifetime investment, it’s okay to have questions about all of the different models, brands, and types of pianos available for your family or loved ones. Things such as price, quality, sound, … Continued