4.5 Reasons The Baldwin Upright Is Right For You

With so many different options for your family out there when it comes to deciding on a piano, it’s not uncommon for anyone to feel a little bit overwhelmed. There are grand pianos, baby grand pianos, all sort of electronic pianos and keyboards, and there is also upright pianos to consider. Which one is the … Continued

Top 3 Types Of Baldwin Pianos You’ll Love

Baldwin Pianos come in various types and I do not blame buyers if they are overwhelmed by all the choices. It can be a tad difficult to determine which type is the best to purchase. Some of the best types of Baldwin musical instruments that I have located are –

What Makes A Baldwin Upright Piano Special

My love and passion for music came from learning how to play the piano at an early age. Even at an early age, I realized that learning how to play the musical instrument had stimulated various senses and my mind. As I grow older, playing piano has nurtured my ardor for music, my work ethic, … Continued

Why Baldwin Pianos Are A Great Value

Dwight Hamilton Baldwin, who was a reed organ and a talented violin teacher, started Baldwin Pianos. Baldwin opened a music store in 1862, which was located in Cincinnati, Ohio. He introduced his first upright piano in 1891. His pianos have won many awards including the Grand Prix Award in 1900, and several top honors in … Continued

Used Pianos And A Piano Dealer

Do you have a cherished family piano that has been passed down for several generations?  I do.  When I was nine years old and starting to take piano lessons, my mother informed me, my brother, and my sister that whoever would learn to play the piano the best would get our old fashioned Baldwin upright piano … Continued

Baldwin Pianos Need Service Also

Owning a piano is similar to owning a car.  Even if you have a quality model, there is still a need for basic maintenance and service to keep it running at its best, and extend its lifespan.  Baldwin Pianos are a trusted name in the industry, and even with exemplary craftsmanship they still require the … Continued