Used Pianos And A Piano Dealer

Do you have a cherished family piano that has been passed down for several used pianosgenerations?  I do.  When I was nine years old and starting to take piano lessons, my mother informed me, my brother, and my sister that whoever would learn to play the piano the best would get our old fashioned Baldwin upright piano when we grew up.  At the time I was determined to "win the prize" of this well used piano. 

Soon after we started taking these piano lessons, we moved.  Then we moved again and again.  We moved ten or twelve times throughout my childhood and the one item we always moved with us was my mom’s cherished used piano.  Even though it seemed to weigh a ton and took four to six grown men to move it, we always took the piano with us.

Now, as an adult, I am the sole owner of my mom’s piano.  The problem with owning this particular piano, however, is that it is so old and has been jostled so many times that it needs a good restoration.

What can a good piano dealer do to restore used pianos?

Well for starters, he can come out to my house and check the piano out to see what exactly is wrong.  Many piano dealers offer to do the following for older used pianos that baldwin pianosneed a complete restoration:

  • Pick up piano from the residence and take it to the restoration unit of the piano store
  • Restore the case which includes refinishing the case and bench, and replacing the screws, pedals, and hinges.
  • Restring the piano by replacing the pin block and original soundboard.
  • Restore or replace the action as in the keys, felts, bushings, and shanks.
  • Deliver it back to the residence where they will custom voice the piano.

When all that work is done, my cherished used piano will be a restored piano I can be proud to showcase in my home.  At the probable price tag of two thousand dollars per section, it will be well worth it to keep a piece of my history intact. After my piano is restored, I will probably want to make sure the piano doesn’t need restoration services again by employing my piano dealer to tune-up and repair the piano on a regular basis.  Having a regular maintenance schedulefor older used pianos can help prevent the need for future repairs on used pianos.









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