Why Baldwin Pianos Are A Great Value

Dwight Hamilton Baldwin, who was a reed organ and a talented violin teacher, started baldwin pianosBaldwin Pianos. Baldwin opened a music store in 1862, which was located in Cincinnati, Ohio. He introduced his first upright piano in 1891. His pianos have won many awards including the Grand Prix Award in 1900, and several top honors in 1904 and 1914.

Some of the notable people who used Baldwin pianos include:
• Aaron Copland
• President Harry Truman
• Bela Bartok
• Igor Stravinsky.

Baldwin added a few other brands under his name such as
• Chickering
• Cable
• Hamilton
• Kranick & Bach
• Wurlitzer

Buying a Baldwin piano for you and your family can create an intellectual stimulation and a lifetime enjoyment. Baldwin pianos are of great value and before you invest in a new or used Baldwin piano, a little preparation is helpful, so that you buy a piano that suits your needs and which will assure your musical accomplishment. The initial stage of choosing a piano involves creating your furniture and musical needs. A Baldwin piano offers sophistication, beauty, and elegance to your home. Therefore, you would want a musical instrument that is able to play properly and complement the décor of your humble abode.

You can start by visiting your local piano dealers that have a wide selection of used and new pianos with various price tags. Select a piano that has the musical tone and key touch that suits your taste. Ensure that you test the pianos or ask one of the salespeople to demonstrate the selection of pianos. When you sample the baldwin pianopianos, take note of piano keyboards that have the touch most responsive to the fingers. Listen to the various pianos to determine which tone is the most appealing to you and your family.

When you browse the Baldwin pianos, make sure you view different cabinets and finish designs, so that you can choose a piano, which suits your home décor. Whether you want to buy a used or a new piano, make sure you take the time to discuss it with your family. Do not make a rushed decision, as buying a piano should be taken seriously. Many people ask me if there are differences between buying a piano from a retail dealer and an individual seller. My answers are always as below:

Purchasing a New/Used Piano from a Retail Dealer:

• New pianos normally come with the manufacturer’s warranty, professional moving, and tuning
• There are plenty of finish choices and cabinetry
• Their used pianos are usually reconditioned and come with the dealer’s warranty, professional tuning, and moving
• Retail dealers normally have a trade up policy
• Offers the advantage of choosing a piano from a wide selection

If you want to purchase a piano from an individual seller, you should locate one in the classified advertisements in newspapers or on various websites. You will have a better Pianoschance of locating several sellers on the Internet than in local newspapers. Alternatively, you can look for Registered Piano Technicians in your local area to find a used piano. Most often than not, RPTs are aware of secondhand pianos for sale and are aware of the pianos’ conditions. It is best for you to hire a RPT to help evaluate the condition of the used piano.

When you purchase a used piano from an individual seller, you will find:

• The pianos are less expensive than at retail dealers
• You will use more time for traveling from one home to the next to find a suitable used piano
• There will be no warranty
• The moving cost will be your responsibility
• You have less choices of finish styles and cabinetry
• You need additional service to restore the piano’s musical tone and touch

Which Baldwin pianos are you aware of that have been favorites among people you know?    


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