What Makes A Baldwin Upright Piano Special

My love and passion for music came from learning how to play the piano at an early age. Even baldwin uprightat an early age, I realized that learning how to play the musical instrument had stimulated various senses and my mind. As I grow older, playing piano has nurtured my ardor for music, my work ethic, and my desire for intellectual motivation.

One of the best pianos that I have ever played was a Baldwin upright. A few notable public figures that have played this piano in the past include Copland, Truman, and Stravinsky. Uprights are unparalleled compared to other brands. One thing I have learned about this particular brand is that when you buy one that is in an immaculate condition, it can last you a lifetime and that makes Baldwin uprights truly special.

Baldwin Uprights can be Found Everywhere

As a music and piano lover, I feel it is important that I widen my horizon, thus, whenever I have the privilege of traveling around the world, the first thing I look for is pianos. During my travels in the past, I came across many Baldwin uprights in numerous music schools and institutions. The brand is definitely one of the most identifiable and used brands in the world of music and a favorite with piano teachers.

What Makes Upright Piano from Baldwin Special?

Aside from their lifespan, Baldwin upright pianos can be found in various styles to suit your home décor. Another reason why many people find Baldwin uprights so special is the blending of numerous materials to create a magnificent sounding musical instrument. Normally, you will come across casings of Baldwin uprights made out of oak, cherry, or mahogany. The keys are created from seasoned sitka spruce, as this material is known to produce untainted and long lasting sounds. Upright pianos come in different vertical sizes, which means you and your family are able to choose a style and size that fit your home décor and artistic needs without changing the piano’s footprint, so to speak.

Baldwin uprights are broken down into four discrete categories. The larger uprights emit a more robust and deeper quality of sound and it has a remarkable acoustic quality. As a result, they are often compared to baby grand pianos and if you want to further enhance the sound, you can simply raise the piano’s lid in order to allow the tone and sound to spring and bounce off in the spacious room.

Things to Consider when Buying a Baldwin Upright
baldwin piano
Space is one of the things you need to consider when you are planning to buy an upright piano. While it is not the main concern, it is imperative that you have enough space allocated for the piano. The style is just as important, although it is not difficult to choose one that can fit in nicely with your existing furniture and décor. 

Compared to a grand piano, an upright piano offers more versatility. If you choose to buy a large upright with beautiful convoluted cabinetry, it can turn the musical instrument into a fashion statement. It can easily draw the eyes of your guests, as it stands grandiosely at the corner or in the middle of the room. People who choose a smaller upright piano will find that the musical instrument offers a more inconspicuous function in the room.

In my opinion, it is important that you set aside a budget for your upright piano. Whether you choose to buy a brand new or a used Baldwin upright piano, it is entirely up to you, but do not forget your budget. Upright pianos produce some of the best sounds compared to other pianos, and they are reasonably priced. With a reasonable budget, you will be able to choose one that not only produces good quality sounds, but also has a magnificent artistic value.   


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