Baldwin Pianos Need Service Also

Owning a piano is similar to owning a car.  Even if you have a quality model, there is still a need for basic baldwin pianosmaintenance and service to keep it running at its best, and extend its lifespan.  Baldwin Pianos are a trusted name in the industry, and even with exemplary craftsmanship they still require the basic care.   As owners of Baldwin Pianos, what should you consider doing and when to get the best performance out of your instrument for a long time to come?

Piano Tuning

Pianos perform best when tuned twice a year.  Even without frequent use a piano should be tuned twice a year.  Over time a piano can settle to a lower pitch, and if not tuned on a regular basis can require a more complex process to restore the piano to the correct tuning.  This process, called pitch raise tuning, can make the strings more susceptible to breaking.  The costs incurred can end up much higher than regularly scheduled tuning.  It is also recommended that grand pianos are tuned more often in the first year, around four times.  This is because strings will stretch more in the first year since they have not had tension placed on them before.

baldwinReplace and Recondition Parts

As with most things used frequently, normal wear and tear can occur.  A piano is made up of hundreds of intricate parts that help to bring music to life.  After some time, it is a good idea to have a piano checked by a professional technician.  A technician can check and regulate the action.  They can replace and recondition whatever parts that have been worn, helping the Baldwin piano to play as good as new.

There are other tips and hints to keep Baldwin Pianos performing their best for generations.  Things like avoiding placing your instrument in direct sunlight or spilling things on it, and keeping it away from heating or cooling sources are just a few.  If a piano resides in a more humid climate, there are humidity control systems that can assist in keeping the conditions ideal. 

Whatever upkeep and service is put into caring for a Baldwin upright piano — an owner can rest assured that the joy and delightful music that comes with owning a piano will more than compensate the cost.  









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