Baldwin Upright Pianos

There is nothing quite like the gift of of music  

The way that a series of pitches can paint an auditory picture is truly one of the most beautiful creations in the history of man.Capable of running the gambit of emotions, music is one of the purist mediums of expression, one that can be used to entertain a crowd, to add depth to a film or to create personal satisfaction. With a wealth of musical instruments out there, it is difficult to figure out where to begin. Learning an instrument isn’t hard, but it does take time.     
Whether you are an individual trying to discover music later in life or you are a lifetime musician looking to get your child started in music, a great place to start is with a Baldwin upright piano. The reason that piano is an ideal instrument to learn is because it is capable of satisfying every single pitch that any other instrument can hit. In fact, most composers use pianos to write on. This is because it’s octave ranges cover every register.  
For students, this enables their education to develop around the different pitches as well as chord spelling. Unlike, say a guitar, the piano doesn’t have set chord formations. Major chord shapes in the key of ‘C’ are different then major chord shapes in the key of ‘D’. By learning chord spellings, the student will be capable to pick up other instruments far easier than another individual who hasn’t had training on the piano.  
baldwin uprightThe only process to learning a new instrument will be that of technique. While learning piano takes hard work, the hardest part of the process is the actual act of buying the piano. It is a lifelong purchase, which means you want to make a good decision. For the beginning player, a Baldwin upright piano is recommended. 
First, Baldwin Pianos is a trusted company that has been in business since 1857 and produces quality, reliable equipment.  
Second, an upright piano is the ideal model for ease and movability. Most pianos extend horizontally, which makes it difficult to move them and fit them in most rooms. Also an upright piano will fit in most rooms because it is more compact than other brands.  

For experienced musicians, what is your favorite brand of piano? Do you have a particular company that you prefer? In addition, do you have any recommendations for aspiring players?   










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