Top 4 Things To Look For In Used Pianos

If you’re considering buying a used piano, there are four main factors that demand your attention. If you carefully consider these factors, your piano purchase should proceed without a hitch. Condition Oftentimes used pianos can be much better in quality than a brand new piano. The fact that someone else has played it over a … Continued

3 Reasons You Should Consider a Used Piano

Have you ever thought of buying a used piano? There are many reasons why a large number of people consider secondhand units compared to brand new ones. Here are three of the most popular reasons:

Consider A Knabe Used Piano

A customer walked in the other day and asked if she could have a look at a used Knabe piano and without hesitating, I showed her my collection of quality Knabe pianos. She was impressed, but I could see that she was not all too sure if she should buy a new or a used … Continued

It’s Important To Know Different Piano Reviews

When buying long-term assets, many factors that are put in mind to ensure the value for your money is attained. Purchasing a piano creates a lifelong enjoyment and intellectual stimulation. It is therefore necessary to prepare so that you can get a piano that best suits your family needs

4 Myths About Buying A Piano At A Flea Market

Have you been to a piano flea market? When I mentioned it to my customers, a number of them was surprised that such flea markets even existed, while others mentioned a few myths that they have heard in relation to these flea markets. I have attended several flea markets that sell pianos and keyboards, and … Continued

Cooper Piano Has The Customer Service You’ll Love

Has any music store put you off from buying a piano because of its unfriendly staff? Have you come across a store that makes it difficult for you to ask questions relevant to a particular type of piano because the sales executive lacks the knowledge? If your answer to these questions is a resounding yes, … Continued

Why Are Pianos For Sale Such A Great Buy?

Used pianos for sale are ideal for beginners, people who have a tight budget, and those who want a second unit in their house. Whether it is an upright or a grand piano, you should make a decision based on your musical needs. If you are purchasing a piano for your child who has recently … Continued