Cooper Piano Has The Customer Service You’ll Love

Has any music store put you off from buying a piano because of its unfriendly staff? Have you cooper pianocome across a store that makes it difficult for you to ask questions relevant to a particular type of piano because the sales executive lacks the knowledge? If your answer to these questions is a resounding yes, then it is time to visit Cooper Piano store.

You might be wondering why would anyone want to visit my store and the answer is rather obvious. At Cooper Music store, you will find friendly and highly knowledgeable customer service representatives. I believe that in order for a business to succeed, it is important to have friendly, well-informed and helpful staff to take care of its customers. I have a team of sales executives that have been part of the business for many years. They are family to me and my customers have never had any problems with any one of my staff members. It is safe to say that it is one of my priorities to ensure that the potential candidate possesses quality customer service skills before I hire him or her.

Besides the brilliant customer service, there are many other reasons why you should visit my store to purchase a piano:

Quality Musical Instruments

The Cooper Piano store is filled with top quality brand new and used pianos. Each piano is thoroughly tested by my highly experienced and notable RPTs. Ahead of putting any pianos on display, my RPTs, a few colleagues of mine and I will test all the pianos to ensure that they are performing at their highest level. Used pianos that are not in perfect tonal condition will be tuned to perfection before they are showcased in the store. The exterior of each piano is checked meticulously to ensure that it is flawless.

An Assortment of Choices

When you visit my piano store, you will find an assortment of acoustic and digital pianos from the best brands on the market. If you are looking for a Yamaha digital piano, you will be spoiled for choice. Are you looking for a Baldwin upright piano? No problem, I have all the Baldwin upright pianos. If you are considering Steinway pianos, you will find a wide variety of grand and upright pianos. A large number of testimonials from my customers state that they have never come across so many different brands and models in a music store before, which surely pleases me.

Affordable Pianos throughout the StoreUsed Pianos

I always tell my customers that buying a piano is a fulfilling investment. A piano offers musical and spiritual satisfaction to its players. No matter how much it costs, it can last you a lifetime. At Cooper Piano store, you will find that all the pianos are reasonably priced. Even though the economy is still in a recovery period, people still want to invest in a quality musical instrument. Due to that, I have made sure that all my pianos are affordable to my customers.

Lengthy Warranty for All Pianos

My piano store offers warranty cards with lengthy periods for every one of the pianos. You will certainly be happy with the secondhand units, as they come with a five to eight year warranty. Besides the service contract, my Registered Piano Technicians offer their tuning and repairing services at a more affordable price compared to most other stores.

Is it important to you that a store offer friendly and knowledgeable customer services? 

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