4 Myths About Buying A Piano At A Flea Market

Have you been to a piano flea market? When I mentioned it to my customers, a number of piano flea marketthem was surprised that such flea markets even existed, while others mentioned a few myths that they have heard in relation to these flea markets. I have attended several flea markets that sell pianos and keyboards, and I feel it is my duty to correct some of the common myths.  

Myth #1 – Defective Pianos

According to some of my customers, the pianos and keyboards sold at a piano flea market are defective. Most of the pianos are low quality instruments and large numbers of them are used or secondhand units.

Truth #1 – Good Quality Pianos

As mentioned above, I have been to several flea markets. They offer various pianos and keyboards from some of the best manufacturers from all over the world. As with any local store or dealer, you will find used pianos, but all of them have gone through numerous tests to ensure that they are good enough to be sold at the flea market. I certainly did not come across any low quality acoustic or digital pianos.

Myth #2 – Not Many Selections

The piano flea market does not have many selections. You can probably find two or three different brands or companies, and even so, they do not have a wide variety of upright and grand pianos. It would be a waste of time to visit the flea market.

Truth #2 – Too Many Assortments

The truth is that you will actually come across an unbelievable assortment of pianos and keyboards. From uprights to grand pianos, keyboards to digital pianos – you will definitely be spoiled for choice. Even though spinet is no longer in production, you will be able to find one if you are interested in buying one as a display piece in your home.

Myth #3 – Expensive Musical Instruments

A few of my customers who went to a piano flea market was not very happy with the prices. They said all the musical instruments were pricey. They decided it was best to buy from a private dealer or their local music store.

Truth #3 – Pianos and Keyboards are Reasonably Priced

I wish I could agree with my customers, but my experiences were certainly different. Depending on the dealer and store, the pianos and keyboards sold at the flea markets can be quite reasonably priced. Just like buying from a normal store, you will find dealers or stores that offer expensive prices.

The key is to walk from one booth to the next and keep asking for the best price. Since piano used pianosflea markets are normally organized in huge warehouses, it can be tedious and tiring to walk around. Nonetheless, it is the only way to obtain the most affordable piano because out of all the booths, there will be at least three or four that will offer a truly affordable price for the best piano.

Myth #4 – No Warranty for the Musical Instrument

One of my customers bought a keyboard from a piano flea market and he was totally flabbergasted that it did not come with a warranty. Given that he has always dreamed of owning the keyboard since he was a child, he bought it anyway. It is a good thing that it is still working after all this while.

Truth #4 – Warranty Cards for Pianos and Keyboards are Available

As a piano dealer who has helped organize flea markets, I can assure you that most sellers and dealers offer warranty cards for all the pianos and keyboards they sell. However, the expiration date may be a lot shorter (since short-term warranty cards are typically for used units) compared to a brand new acoustic or digital piano.

Have you heard of a piano flea market? Would you be interested in attending one? 

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