Top 4 Pianos Schimmel Offers

When you’re looking to add a piano to your home, you’re not making a quick or reckless decision. You’re buying a fine instrument and piece of furniture, one which will complement your home for decades to come and will likely become a family heirloom. You want the best that your budget can accommodate because you … Continued

The Sounds Of Schimmel Pianos

Schimmel pianos. It’s a brand with a long history, remaining under Schimmel family management since its beginnings in the mid-19th Century. For nearly all that time, they’ve been known for one thing: producing unassuming pianos that don’t cost much, but deliver sound that rivals brands that cost several times has much!

Finding The Key To Happiness With Schimmel Pianos

A Schimmel piano is able to help its players find true happiness. In order for it to happen, it is ideal that to find a piano from a well-known brand like Schimmel that suits all your piano and music needs. Whenever my customers ask me about this particular brand, I always tell them that playing … Continued

The Scoop On Schimmel Pianos

In 1885, on the second day of May, Wilhelm Schimmel founded Schimmel Pianos in a suburb of Leipzig, Germany. During that time, he won numerous awards at world fairs and expositions. In addition, he was awarded the titles of vendor to various royal houses due to the quality of his musical instruments. To this very day, … Continued

Schimmel Piano: 3 Reasons To Own One

Many people come to me for piano-buying advice and with so many brands available, I find myself recommending a Schimmel piano almost all the time. The grand and upright pianos from this brand are some of the most exceptional ones in the world. The superb European tonal features and playability have helped the company earn … Continued

What Makes A Schimmel Such A Great Piano?

I truly believe that playing the piano can be a spectacular experience for most people. For that particular reason, Schimmel pianos are created to be the people’s partner when making or creating music. When I bought my piano, I had it in my mind that I wanted to keep it all my life, as I … Continued

Why Schimmel Pianos Are Top Quality

If you plan to send your child to a music school to attend piano lessons, it is imperative that your child is interested in learning it properly and on a permanent basis. If children were given a choice, most of them would not want to take a bath, do their Math or Science homework, or … Continued