Schimmel Piano: 3 Reasons To Own One

Many people come to me for piano-buying advice and with so many brands available, I findSchimmel Piano myself recommending a Schimmel piano almost all the time. The grand and upright pianos from this brand are some of the most exceptional ones in the world. The superb European tonal features and playability have helped the company earn the title of Germany’s most successful and finest selling musical instrument. There are many reasons why Schimmel pianos are the best to own.

Reason #1

Every time a new piano is manufactured, Schimmel Company looks to its secrets and traditions to ensure that the quality of the piano does not subside. This means, if you decide to buy this particular brand, you will not be disappointed in terms of overall tonal quality and aesthetic value.

Reason #2

In order to create exceptional touch, sound, and harmony, the company combines remarkable woodwork, keyboard-action assemblies, sound-producing portions, and Research & Development. Each Schimmel piano that you play will surprise you, as each creates harmonious tones and provides an excellent touch response.

Reason #3

Journalists and concert pianists from all over the world are known to have participated (and continue to do so) in various tests, such as the Diapason, Pianiste, and Le Monde de la Musique to decide if the Schimmel pianos deserved to win awards and accolades. Every year, through these tests, a number of awards and accolades are presented to the company to let the public know that the pianos are of high quality and are internationally highly praised by professionals and connoisseurs.

Even to this day, the company has continued with its utmost passion for piano production, technical brilliance, and innovation. The company frequently researches and looks at brand new innovations, and the latest software program that was developed by Schimmel, which is the unique Computer Assisted Piano Engineering, is a good example of their continual progress. The software allows all pianos to be produced to perfection. At the time that the first grand pianos in the Konzert Line were designed, 400 prototypes were created using the CAPE software.

The cabinet of a Schimmel piano is also one of the reasons why it is sought after to a great schimmel pianosextent. To produce the pianos, the manufacturers choose only the best woods with unique attributes from every corner of the world. A wood-inlay expert spends a few weeks to complete the carvings, because he needs to integrate more than 300 individual filigree facets into creative ornamentations. Due to the remarkable aesthetic values, Schimmel pianos are particularly amazing compared to other pianos. Each unit is varnished 13 times and buffed by hand to ensure it looks glossy.

Where can you buy a Schimmel piano?

In certain countries, there is only one dealer of Schimmel pianos. If you are lucky, you might be able to buy one from the Internet, but you should expect to pay a higher delivery fee. Wherever you decide to buy a piano from Schimmel Company, it is highly recommended that you purchase from a reputable dealer. If you come across a musical instrument store that sells used Schimmel pianos, I would advise that you bring a Registered Piano Technician with you to ensure that you purchase a good quality secondhand unit.

As with any type of musical instrument, it is best to test the piano before you make the payment. Better yet, make sure that you test a few units to make some comparisons first. This way, you are able to determine which piano is the best to purchase for your home.

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