What Makes A Schimmel Such A Great Piano?

I truly believe that playing the piano can be a spectacular experience for most people. For that Schimmel particular reason, Schimmel pianos are created to be the people’s partner when making or creating music. When I bought my piano, I had it in my mind that I wanted to keep it all my life, as I wanted to hand it down to my children and if it were not for my Schimmel piano, I would not have been able to do that. One thing is certain, if you choose to buy a Schimmel piano, you will be guaranteed a lifetime of rewarding and reliable music making.

What Should You Look for In a Schimmel Piano?

The first thing you should look into is the sound of the musical piano. Keep in mind that every person has a dissimilar idea as to how or what a piano should feel and sound like. From my experience, there is definitely something to why certain features make a particular piano better than another one. The selection of wood, the skill, and care of the artisans play a huge part in the sound that emanates from a piano. The touch and sound are established by how the piano is regulated, voiced, and tuned. Thus, my advice for those who want to buy this musical instrument, is to test as many pianos as possible and take note of what makes one better than the other.

What Should You Avoid When Searching for a Piano?

When friends and acquaintances ask me what they should avoid when they are searching for a piano, my first answer would be the fake university sales and big hype sales events. These piano sales and events are normally a front, which big stores are using in order to get you into their stores. Similar hype to stay away from would be the stores that advertise “going out of business” sales.

When you are considering buying one of the Schimmel pianos, you need to take your time and conduct as much research as you can, in regards to this particular make, especially if you want to buy a secondhand unit. I would avoid buying a used unit that has not been tuned or serviced in a very long time, as it would be tough to assess if it has any musical potential.

Why You Should Consider Schimmel Pianosschimmel pianos

In order to progress in musical instrument manufacturing, this company has always looked on its tradition and secrets. Schimmel Company has the ability to unite research and development, design or woodworking, sound-producing portions, or keyboard and action assemblies to create amazing harmony. It is safe to say that every Schimmel piano that I have played has never failed me in terms of harmony, sound, and touch. I have heard, felt, seen, and experienced remarkable sounds that emit from their pianos and I have never experienced anything as close to this with any other brands.

If you are searching for something extraordinary, then this brand should be your choice. The art and craft of their long-established piano manufacturing is still being lived on by Schimmel’s direct descendents and for this reason, you will certainly find exceptionally high quality musical instruments.

When you sit down and play a Schimmel piano, only then, you will know why numerous professional pianists, entertainers, and even celebrities choose it as their favorite piano brand. I would definitely recommend that you take a couple of hours to visit your local piano stores and play several different types of pianos from various brands, and do not be overly surprised when you end up buying one of the best Schimmel pianos.  

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