The Scoop On Schimmel Pianos

In 1885, on the second day of May, Wilhelm Schimmel founded Schimmel Pianos in a suburb ofschimmel pianos Leipzig, Germany. During that time, he won numerous awards at world fairs and expositions. In addition, he was awarded the titles of vendor to various royal houses due to the quality of his musical instruments. To this very day, Schimmel continues to develop the amazing art and craft of piano production.

The Next Generations

Wilhem Schimmel passed down the company to his second generation, Wilhem Arno Schimmel in 1927. He uprooted the business to Braunschweig and directed the business through tough times. He proved to be an inspiration in the piano trading industry, leaving his impression on an entire era of piano manufacturing and designing. This led to a completely new path of modern designs for Schimmel Pianos.

To move forward in piano manufacturing, Schimmel Company has never left its tradition or secrets out of the equation. This is proven through the high quality sound production, keyboard assembly, the key response or action, and the beautiful woodwork found in all its pianos. Once you sit down and play a Schimmel piano, you can certainly hear, feel, and see how wonderful the piano is.

In 1961, Nikolaus Wilhelm Schimmel took over the company. The Schimmel Company became Germany’s number one piano manufacturer under his management. It is one of the very few companies that are still in the hands of a direct descendent of its original founder.

In the last few years, Hannes M. Schimmel-Vogel became the new CEO of the company, and together with Gabriela M. Schimmel as well as with a group of remarkable staff members; the fourth generation has continued the legacy of artisanship since 1885. Schimmel Company celebrated its 125th anniversary in May 2010 and ever since then, the company has strongly increased its revenue and orders.

Why Schimmel Pianos are some of the Best Musical Instruments on the Market

There are not many piano manufacturing companies that are still being carried out or managed by the direct descendants of the originator of the company. Schimmel Company produces top quality pianos due to the management team that has always been direct descendants of Wilhelm Schimmel. It is for this reason that the brand has received an excellent reputation from all over the world.

I know a few clients who are still considering Schimmel Pianos and I keep telling them that theschimmel only way they can make up their mind is to sit down and play the piano. That is the only way they can obtain a precise impression of the exceptional qualities of the Schimmel piano. Numerous musicians and music lovers have chosen this particular brand because of its outstanding musical instrument. The price tags are affordable as well and I believe that one can never go wrong with obtaining this brand.

The Art & Craft of Piano Manufacturing

A traditional piano is a highly intricate musical instrument, as there are over 12,000 individual parts needed to assemble one. Given that it is complicated, experience and expertise are passed from one generation to the next. As new technology progresses, the Schimmel Company combines its world-shattering Computer Assisted Piano Engineering to produce much better musical instruments for music lovers.

I always advise my clients to consider pianos from Schimmel Company, because the pianos are unlike any other on the market.

Do you think Germany produces some of the best pianos in the world? 



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