Schimmel Changes The Face Of Piano Music

Is it possible to change the face of an industry, without ever really being recognized for it?Schimmel

Schimmel Pianos exemplify the expression, “Slow and steady wins the race.” Despite occasionally dabbling in fun art collection pianos, for most of their long history Schimmel has been the piano company driven by the single most simple dream of them all: to deliver the best possible product, at the lowest possible price.

Doesn’t everybody?

Well, not really. Pianos have always been something of a luxury good, and when dealing with luxuries, it’s easy for prices to get inflated. People have long accused Steinway of making customers pay for the brand, rather than possessing performance that justifies a price point several times higher than most of their competitors.

The company that truly focuses on keeping prices down is also going to be keeping a lower profile. They don’t always get noticed, even as Schimmel becomes the brand you see everywhere that isn’t necessarily Somewhere.

Schimmel: Revisions and Innovations

Schimmel Pianos is among the oldest family-run piano businesses in the world. Plenty of brands carry the name of their founders, but since its creation in 1885, there’s been a Schimmel at the held of Schimmel Pianos the entire time through today.

That sort of old world lineage makes it easy for the older ideals to survive today. Founder Wilhelm created the company motto “Quality will prevail,” and that’s the approach they’ve taken this entire time. It doesn’t have to be flashy when it’s reliable and constantly sounds as good as pianos that cost several times as much.

As such, most of the innovations Schimmel brought about along the line weren’t the sort to garner headlines or Wikipedia articles. When they developed a little piano in the 1930s without back posts, no one really noticed. Except, that is, for all the people who discovered they could own a piano, and it would sound as good as some of the best names in the business.

By the 1960s, they were the best-selling piano in Germany. Yet today, most people would be hard-pressed to name them in the crush of names like Steinway, Bösendorfer, and Bechstein that crowd the market.Schimmel piano

In much the same way, when they began meticulously refining their processes with computer before most of the competition, no one really noticed… except all the people who continued to buy Schimmel pianos.

Perhaps it’s because they’ll produce hundreds of demo models just to refine a process. Decades of experience, while being willing to embrace the latest production techniques, mean that they can find exactly the right mix of techniques, designs, and materials to produce the best-sounding pianos possible even while pushing the lower boundaries of price.

You Can Count On Schimmel

If you’re looking for a piano that can give you the performance, action, and sound you want without having to pay the sorts of prices that the Big Names in pianos tend to demand, look to Schimmel. They aren’t fancy, but there’s a Schimmel for every budget and every purchase. Each one is designed to maximize its quality, even if sometimes people forget about the brand.

To have a hands-on demonstration of any of our line of Schimmel pianos, or any other model on the floor, just contact us or drop on by and we’ll be happy to help you pick out the right piano to fit your life!


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