Spring Cleaning Should Include Piano Tuning Too

Even if your ear doesn’t extent to the rare gift of perfect pitch, you’re probably aware when your piano is slipping out of tune, particularly at the changing of the seasons.  Like us, pianos need a bit of maintenance from time to time, and it’s worth noting on the calendar when to call the piano … Continued

Piano Tuning – What Does That Actually Mean?

Wikipedia gives the following definition for piano tuning: Piano tuning is the act of making minute adjustments to the tensions of the strings of an acoustic piano to properly align the intervals between their tones so that the instrument is in tune. Not all that helpful unless you know what each of those words mean as … Continued

Budget Tips for Purchasing Your First Piano

When it comes to purchasing a piano, I often advise my clients to allocate a specific budget, so that they do not spend more than they can afford. Simply put, when purchasing a piano, you need to make a number of decisions, which include the following:

How To Minimize Maintenance Costs For A Piano

Given the intricacy and size of the majority of pianos on the market, it may seem like a never-ending endeavor when it comes to taking care of it. To minimize the maintenance costs of your piano, it is advisable that you avoid damages before they happen, so that you do not spend a lot of … Continued

Should You Hire A Piano Tuner?

Every piano that was ever manufactured has needed to be tuned up regardless of whether it was played or not. Since there are many reasons to have a piano tuned, many people want to know when our piano needs to be tuned. Fortunately, there are some simple signs that will let you know when you … Continued

Tuning A Upright Grand Piano

The length of its strings distinguishes a grand piano.  The longer strings produce a richer sound with lower inharmonicity, giving the listener a full, mellow listening experience.  I’ve never met a pianist who doesn’t sit down at a grand piano with the expectation of pleasure, knowing what will come from those keys.

Why Piano Tuning Is Required

Before I proceed with why it is exceedingly essential to obtain piano tuning, I want to establish and explain what it entails. When a piano tuner tunes a piano, he makes minuscule rectifications to the tensions of the piano strings to maintain the intervals between their pitches properly, so that the piano strings are all … Continued

Where To Find A Piano Tuning Company In Atlanta

It is important to get quality piano tuning done every now and then to ensure that your piano is always in top condition. Learning how to play a piano that is out of tune will impede your playing experience, because it is difficult to play notes perfectly and it is annoying to listen to lingering … Continued