Player Piano Repair

Player pianos makes a great addition to a home. You have the benefit of a piano to play at your leisure and the relaxing sounds of piano music whenever you want it. And like every piece of electronic equipment in your home, you may at some point experience problems with your piano. But unlike speakers, … Continued

Player Piano Repair And Maintenance

When it comes to music and owning musical instruments, everything needs to be well taken care of. Sometimes that means having things repaired or having routine maintenance, which is especially true for pianos, organs, keyboards and, yes, player pianos. I know how expensive it can get to keep up with a piano, and while it … Continued

Player Pianos – Let The Good Times Roll

If you have never seen a player piano, it is a piano that appears to play on its own, with keys moving independently and a roll of paper that scrolls across the top front of the piano, providing the music that the piano makes using foot pedals and electricity. While antique automatic pianos have been … Continued

Piano Repair: Ivory Keyset Restoration Part 1

A beautiful set of genuine ivory keytops on a vintage piano is becoming more and more of a rarity. Many ivory keysets on older instruments have suffered from wear and tear over the years, and are not particularly attractive. Bringing an original set of ivory back to "factory-fresh" condition is at times possible when done … Continued

Piano Repair Focus On: Keytop Replacement

A piano with a beautiful and durable set of keytops is more likely to be appreciated than one with a beat-up set of keys. The luxurious feel of top-quality keytops invites one to sit down and play the piano. On the other hand, when old keytops have become discolored, chipped or broken off altogether, playing … Continued

Cooper Music In-House Service Department

When your piano is in need of service, you do not want to hire a stranger to do the work. You can always trust the affordable in-house services at Cooper Music to be reliable and of the highest quality. Who else besides these music lovers will be so in tune with the specific needs of your … Continued

Piano Repair: Vertical Piano Regulation – Part Two

In the last article we answered two questions about Vertical Piano Regultation. We told you what would cause a grand piano to go out of regulation and we gave you a description in detail of how one particular regulation adjustment is made. Below you will find a few more commonly asked questions. So, lets get back … Continued

Piano Repair: Vertical Piano Regulation – Part One

Here at Cooper Piano, we specialize in piano repair.  We perform services such as voicing, regulation, refinishing, restoration, refurbishing and piano player installs and repair.All repairs should be performed by qualified and experienced piano technicians.  Unqualified service techs can inflict additional problems that may result in damaging the instrument more.