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player pianoPlayer pianos makes a great addition to a home. You have the benefit of a piano to play at your leisure and the relaxing sounds of piano music whenever you want it. And like every piece of electronic equipment in your home, you may at some point experience problems with your piano. But unlike speakers, stereos or other appliances, this is not one piece of equipment you simply throw out and replace. So what do you do when you experience problems with your player piano?

If you worried your player piano was beyond repair, take heart. In fact, these valuable musical assets in your home can be repaired and upgraded adding years of life and enjoyment to this instrument.

Common Problems
Player pianos often face the same kinds of issues as they age. Some issues you may have with your piano include:

  • Audible thumping;

  • The piano playing too loudly;

  • Being out of tune;

  • And outdated music and software.

It’s common to experience these problems over time just like a traditional piano needs regular piano repairadjustments, calibrating and tunings. It is still a piano, after all. A factory trained service technician can address all these issues to improve the quality and musicality of your instrument. Cooper technicians are certified in both Pianodisc and QRS player systems.

These valuable instruments don’t only need repair, tuning and calibrating from time to time, they also need upgrades to keep up with current technology. You may have purchased your piano when compact discs were the height of modernity but we have certainly come a long way since the days of CD players.

Thankfully, most player pianos were built to be fully upgradable to today’s most up to date technologies. An upgrade to the PNOmation II will allow you a full range of options for operating your piano. With this update, you can manage your music with one of three methods: a thumbstick or flash drive and a remote control; a web interface allowing control through a wide variety of mobile devices or computers; or a specific interface for older systems.

There are a lot of advantages to upgrading your system. The "Music on a Stick" option lets you quickly and easily load new music into your piano. The web interface system is perhaps the most flexible. Most of us have some kind of mobile device such as a smart phone, an iPad or iPod, laptops or all of the above. The web interface allows you to quickly and easily view and player pianosmanage your play lists and your player piano. What could be more convenient?

New Music
Music styles and music tastes change and you may have grown tired of the same playlist of songs you have been listening to. Piano repair and service can also mean an upgrade to your music. An upgrade to PNOmation II includes more than 300 free songs and access to the Music Now catalog, which has songs for immediate purchase.

No matter when or where you bought your player piano, you want to make sure you keep it in the best working condition with regular repairs, tunings and upgrades. What is your favorite feature of your player piano?    





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