Top 4 Things To Look For In Used Pianos

If you’re considering buying a used piano, there are four main factors that demand your attention. If you carefully consider these factors, your piano purchase should proceed without a hitch. Condition Oftentimes used pianos can be much better in quality than a brand new piano. The fact that someone else has played it over a … Continued

Getting Your Moneys Worth When Purchasing A Piano

When you are planning to buy a piano, you need to consider a few significant things. Are you looking to buy a piano for a beginning piano student or an advanced player? If you are thinking of buying, the instrument for your child who is currently taking piano lessons, it is best to buy a … Continued

How To Find A Baldwin Piano Sale For A Great Deal

One of the most coveted and sought after brands when it comes to having the best quality in pianos is, of course, the Baldwin line of pianos. Unfortunately, not a lot of people are willing to pay the full price of most Baldwin pianos, especially when they’re normally many thousands of dollars. However, when someone … Continued

What To Consider Before Buying A Piano For Sale

I have been passionate about pianos for many, many years. As an experienced piano dealer and a pianist, I have seen multiple times how purchasing a quality piano for sale can be an overwhelming and exigent task for scores of people. I can empathize as to how difficult it can be at times, so I … Continued

Top 5 Reasons To Purchase A Digital Piano In Atlanta

When you’re living in Atlanta, or even visiting, there is already a lot to do and see and buy–but, what about a digital piano? If you’re on the hunt for the perfect gift or new hobby, a piano happens to be one of the best purchases that anyone can make because of its lifetime value … Continued

FAQ About Popular Pianos For Sale

We all have questions when it comes to big purchases and pianos are no different. When you’re ready to make that once in a lifetime investment, it’s okay to have questions about all of the different models, brands, and types of pianos available for your family or loved ones. Things such as price, quality, sound, … Continued

4 Reasons Digital Pianos For Sale Are Better Than Buying New

We all know thinking about purchasing a piano, whether a grand or digital, can be a big investment. However, all of the good that comes with purchasing a piano always makes the price justifiable, especially when someone is already such a passionate music lover and wants to be able to bring more music into their … Continued