What To Look For In A Piano Dealer?

 Are you looking to purchase a piano? These days, you can purchase almost anything from the Internet. However, for most people, shopping the conventional way is still the preferred way. When you decide to buy a piano, you should consider buying one from a very experienced and highly reputable piano dealer. Prior to buying a … Continued

Grand Pianos – Are They Too Expensive Or Worth The Money?

Grand piano prices and sizes vary depending on where and by whom it was manufactured. Many people prefer a grand piano compared to an upright piano, mostly because grand pianos are aesthetically outstanding and produce some highly quality sonorous sounds. A grand piano typically looks far better in your living room and if you have … Continued

5 Reasons You Should Purchase From A Piano Store

After years of practicing and playing the piano, I decided it was finally time to get off my rented piano and by a brand new piano of my own. This was going to be a big lifetime investment and I wanted to make the right choice. Starting of course with the first and biggest question, … Continued

Why A Grand Piano For Sale Is Worth Braking For

I have customers who have yet to make a decision in relation to what type of piano to buy. Every now and then, they would visit my store to look at all my pianos on offer and they usually test a few of them. I do not pressurize them into buying any of the upright … Continued

5 Things To Ask Piano Dealers

There are many things that you need to find out from piano dealers before you purchase or sell a piano. Whether you want to buy or sell a piano, or even rent one, you surely need to know what sort of questions to ask. In this blog post, I discuss five of the more significant … Continued

Top 5 Questions To Ask Piano Dealers

Every day, customers approach me with numerous questions related to new and used pianos, as I am sure the same happens with other piano dealers. Here are five frequently asked questions in relation to pianos.

Top 3 Reasons You Should Own a Digital Piano

Digital piano has a remarkable reputation among neophyte and veteran musicians. Almost every customer who walks in will ask if he should buy a digital or traditional piano. I always tell my customers that it is best to test these two types before making a final decision. Additionally, I will share the various pros and … Continued