5 Things To Ask Piano Dealers

There are many things that you need to find out from piano dealers before you purchase or sell piano dealersa piano. Whether you want to buy or sell a piano, or even rent one, you surely need to know what sort of questions to ask. In this blog post, I discuss five of the more significant questions that you should consider asking your piano dealer.

“Do you take trade-ins toward the purchase of a brand new instrument?”

Most piano dealers take trade-ins toward the purchase of brand new pianos. It does not matter if the piano is your grandmother’s piano that was passed down to you or a piano that you purchased from the same dealer, trade-ins are always welcomed. When you decide to trade-in your current unit, I would recommend that you hire a reputable Registered Piano Technician to assess the piano first. This will guarantee that the dealer is reimbursing you accordingly for the cost of your trade-in.

“How much does the piano cost?”

Depending on the piano’s brand, overall quality of the make, the unit’s age and general condition, and size, pianos can cost anything from $3,000 to over $100,000. The top quality digital pianos start from $2,000, whereas you can easily find an upright piano that is available from $3,000. If you are looking for a quality used piano, you should be prepared to pay at least $5,000. Prices for brand new grand pianos are typically higher.

“How do I choose a piano dealer and manufacturer?”

There is a saying, if you do not know your jewelry, know the jeweler. The same can be said with reference to pianos. It is always best to depend on reputable piano dealers. You need to make sure that the piano dealer knows what he is talking about, particularly when it comes to the various piano brands or companies.

He should know the company history and the different models/series that are produced. To choose a reputable piano dealer in your area, you should always take the time to perform meticulous research on a number of dealers. Ask for referrals and ensure that you call them in person to obtain first-hand experience and helpful information from their previous clients.

“Is maintenance necessary when it comes to owning a piano?”

Each piano is constructed from numerous extremely sensitive working elements. The strain of the piano strings that reverberates such a magnificent sound, put the infrastructure under massive pressure. Irregular or unacceptable maintenance can cause several piano issues that will eventually become worse over time. These issues can cause the piano to develop an unresponsive touch and a horrid sound even if it sounds in tune to you.

“Why it is necessary that my piano gets regular tuning?”used piano

Pianos are built mainly from different wood qualities, and any slight change in humidity and temperature can influence the wooden structure significantly, because wood takes in moisture easily, and then starts swelling. When this transpires, the liaison of steel wires connected to the bridges and the soundboard of the piano is altered.

Consequently, your piano will go slightly out of tune, and while this is entirely common, it is not a mistake within your piano. Directly exposing your instrument to speedy changes in humidity and temperature can cause severe damage and affect the musical instrument in a negative way.

For the aforementioned reasons, a large number of piano dealers will tell you that it is essential to have your piano tuned. The regularity of tuning depends on how often your piano is played. If you play it daily, it is better to have it tuned at least three to four times a year. However, if your piano is merely displayed as a furnishing item or is played occasionally, you might want to get an RPT to tune it once a year.

How often do you get your piano tuned by a professional piano tuner?  

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