What To Look For In A Piano Dealer?

 piano-dealers-17Are you looking to purchase a piano? These days, you can purchase almost anything from the Internet. However, for most people, shopping the conventional way is still the preferred way. When you decide to buy a piano, you should consider buying one from a very experienced and highly reputable piano dealer. Prior to buying a piano, it is advisable that you conduct thorough research with reference to the piano dealer and his company. The following characteristics are something that you should look out for at all times:

Trade up or upgrade policies

You should find out if the piano dealer offers a trade up or upgrade policy. If he does, you can easily upgrade to another model in the future. Trade up or upgrade can be offered at the full price of the current piano. This can save you some money if you decide on a unit that is priced at a much lower rate.

Manufacturer and/or dealer warranties

I would recommend that you ensure the piano dealer offers manufacturer and dealer warranties. Find out as much as possible about the warranties, especially if you decide on a pre-owned or second hand unit. You might furthermore be interested in learning more about the previous owner and if his or her piano is truly worth buying. 

Moving and tuningpiano-movers-34

Moving a piano from one location to the other is not easy. Therefore, you have to be certain that the piano dealer has reliable and experienced piano movers. They should have the appropriate tools and experience to transfer your piano in one piece from the store to your house. Piano dealers usually offer free tuning for the first year; you might want to check up on this too.

Experienced and permanent

The piano dealer should be highly experienced, knowledgeable, and is going to be around for a long time. His staff should be experienced as well, so that you know you have a team of experts that you can depend on should anything happen to your piano. His team should include a registered piano technician as well. This means that you do not have to use the services of an RPT from another company.

The best place to find a piano dealer

Piano dealers are found in the Yellow Pages, newspapers, or online. I always rely on word-of-mouth, especially from family and friends. You can also search online for highly regarded piano dealers. Read reviews about them and visit each of the ones you have selected. Do not make any hasty decision – take your time and digest everything that you learn about the piano dealers and pianos before you make your decision to purchase.

Are you ready to buy a piano?

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